Why We Need Community Sustainability

The majority of the western world is not taught to be naturally self sufficient. Farmers are the lucky few who may have no trouble adapting to a post scarcity society. However farmers have been exploited, and are taught to maximize yields for profit at any cost. Also, commercially they only … Read more

Doctor Temple Grandin – Hero of Innovation, Animals and Autism

Born on the 29th of August, 1947, Doctor Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism in 1950. Despite this diagnoses, she earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Franklin Pierce College in 1970, a Masters Degree in Animal Sciences from Arizona State University in 1975 and, in 1989, she received a Doctoral … Read more

Aquaponics Systems for Fresh Food

Fish farming and fruit and vegetable farming do not at first glance appear to be natural bedfellows. Sure, you can do one, you could even do both if you had the time, but to combine them into one joined-up system, surely that’s nonsense? Maybe not – The relatively new science … Read more

Backyard Ideas for Leisure and Sustainability

Depending upon the type of landscaping and soil you have in your yard there may be a variety of different backyard ideas that can help achieve a sustainable lifestyle and reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. If it is gardening and raising livestock that interests you there are many … Read more

How to Raise Chickens to Lay Eggs

Many concerned citizens are looking for ways to reduce household costs and that are also less destructive to the environment in which they call home. Raising chickens to lay eggs is a wonderful way to get organic eggs that are cheaper and tastier than those trucked in to the supermarket. … Read more

Conventional Farming Can Become Sustainable

Conventional farming is typically tied to chemical farming. This is unfortunate because for the majority of human existence through time conventional farming has been the opposite of what is now practiced in western society. Conventional Farming In ancient times, conventional farming relied on sustainable practices. The ancients used the natural … Read more