Rhode Island Red Chickens: The Hardy Pet

Rhode island Reds are a popular dual bird. Meaning they produce large brown quality eggs and a fine tasting meat. They are also one of the oldest breeds developed in America and make the perfect urban pet that can eventually be eaten, but doesn’t necessarily have to be. Many people … Read more

How to Grow Edible Mushrooms

The road to self sustainability starts with you and the creation of your own garden flourishing with fruits and vegetables. Growing edible mushrooms are a great addition to your vegetable garden or, if you are just starting, it can be one of your first projects. Grow Edible Mushrooms The first … Read more

Why Build a Moveable Chicken Coop?

Deciding to raise chickens is a big responsibility and can be a bit tricky if your home is located within a residential area of a town or city. Constructing or purchasing a moveable chicken coop is the best option if you want the chance to farm in your own backyard. … Read more

The Benefits Of An Aquaponic Farm

Aquaponics is defined as “the integration of aquaculture (the raising of marine animals, such as fish) with hydroponics; the waste products from the fish are treated and then used to fertilize hydroponically growing plants”. Aquaponic Farm Simply put, aquaponics is a recycling system, it mimics the natural system of our … Read more

Fish Farming Techniques

Fish farming may be a way to reduce harmful impacts on aquatic ecosystems that occur during large-scale fishing operations. Fish Farming But fish farming also has its own drawbacks. Home-scale fish-farming techniques have been honed and non-carnivorous fish, such as tilapia, are rapidly becoming a popular choice for fish farmers. … Read more

Doctor Temple Grandin – Hero of Innovation, Animals and Autism

Born on the 29th of August, 1947, Doctor Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism in 1950. Despite this diagnoses, she earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Franklin Pierce College in 1970, a Masters Degree in Animal Sciences from Arizona State University in 1975 and, in 1989, she received a Doctoral … Read more

Aquaponics Systems for Fresh Food

Fish farming and fruit and vegetable farming do not at first glance appear to be natural bedfellows. Sure, you can do one, you could even do both if you had the time, but to combine them into one joined-up system, surely that’s nonsense? Maybe not – The relatively new science … Read more

Conventional Farming Can Become Sustainable

Conventional farming is typically tied to chemical farming. This is unfortunate because for the majority of human existence through time conventional farming has been the opposite of what is now practiced in western society. Conventional Farming In ancient times, conventional farming relied on sustainable practices. The ancients used the natural … Read more

Snail Farming Benefits from Free Range Principles

Like all commercially farmed animals in the agricultural business, snails have been and continue to be exploited by farmers whose main focus is dollar amounts. Perhaps more so for snails. Their size and characteristics surely don’t work well in their favor. Does the average farmer, or even consumer, feel empathy … Read more

Home Aquaponics Can Work for You

Aquaponics can be an intimidating concept for the home gardener but it really is no more difficult than caring for an average fish tank with the added benefit that you could eat both the fresh garden produce and the fish. Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines the … Read more

Shrimp and Prawn Farming Needs to Return to Sustainable Models

Raising prawns is a form of aquaculture where freshwater or saltwater prawn or shrimp are kept in controlled environments. A low-intensive method was practiced in southeast Asia until highly intensive models took hold in the boom years of the industry in the 1980′s and 90′s. This has had far-reaching impacts … Read more

How Many Eggs Does a Chicken Lay?

How many eggs a chicken eggs depends on the type of chicken among other factors, including climate. A mature laying hen will produce an egg about every other day. Three laying hens will give you an average of two eggs a day. Leghorns, Plymouth Rock, Red Star, Light Sussex and … Read more

Organic Farmers Stand Up and Sue Corporate Giant, Monsanto

Over 270 000 organic farmers have stood up and sued Monsanto, a corporate agricultural giant. This was done with the help of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association. The paperwork was submitted on the March 30th, 2011. Organic Farmers Monsanto is a huge multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation, founded in … Read more

Ecological Agriculture for a Better World

People often don’t realize that a country can produce vast amounts of food but still have millions of people among their own population go hungry everyday. Because the commercial food industry has become a mix or corporate giants, meeting the needs of smaller, local communities with high quality produce has … Read more

Food Preservation: How Preserving Food Effects Our Lives

There’s a basic fact about the food we eat: it’s perishable. Any time you’ve pulled some forgotten takeout from the back of your fridge, or observed the terrarium of mold that was once a fresh loaf of bread knows this. Our food is derived from organic life, plant or animal … Read more