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The Devry Student Portal: DeVry University and DeVry Institute of Technology Login 2024 at

Devry University

DeVry University is an excellent education institute established in 1931 by Herman A. The DeVry University is a for-profit college and based in Unite states. The institution has registered and continues to enrol more than 13,068 undergraduates and 4,296 graduate each academic year. The initial plan for the school was DeForest training school later changing to DeVry University.

Over the years, the school has implemented online learning system where millions of students take the virtual students for the DeVry University. It has courses in investigations, lawsuits and settlements on both regular and online programs.

Devry Student Portal login at

Devry Student Portal

DeVry university portal is an online website page set for students to access online course directly. Here they can access a variety of features from the official link The University is government and accredited by the higher learning commission HLC in New York. The University offers quality e-learning programs which help reach millions of students and student achieve their education goals.

Students can learn from anywhere at their scheduled time; the student portal has exclusive integrated contemporary tools to help in learning. The gateway connects students from different parts of the world in one learning platform. All students have a direct link with the lectures giving a personalized student platform.

Features of the DeVry University portal

Student needs to register on the portal to access the online services. They need to use the official link to access the page to help gain DeVry email address and password which will help the student access the page.

  1. E-tutoring

    The site provides e-learning round the clock a program which suits the student schedule. Some student works and learns to mean they can learn after work.

  2. E-textbooks and audiobooks

    The University provides e-materials such as textbooks which relate with the course you’re taking.

  3. E-library

    DeVry University has a library for both regular students and virtual class students, here they can search on any knowledge-based programs.

  4. A go-to class feature

    The feature requires students to log in using the email and password. Once you access the online class, you can receive lectures using live streaming and recorded lectures for learning.

  5. Community

    On the DeVry University student portal, one can connect with fellow students easily by access the community option from the menu. Also, they can pay for their tuition using the student finance tab from the portal. Note student needs to have a password and username to access the two features.

The portal has a section for career services and education counselling and other education-related programs.

Devry Student Portal login

How to login to the Devry student portal?

  1. Visit the mydevry official website
  2. On the homepage click on login page which will direct you to a new page.
  3. Enter the username and password.
  4. Click on the sign-in button.
  5. The page will open where you will find all the mentions student portal features.
  6. In case the link doesn’t open student can seek help from the help link provided on the portal.
  7. However, for one to log in, they have to register their details and receive username and password for their account.

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