Fuel Efficient Driving Tips & Techniques

Faced with ever-increasing prices at the fuel pumps, drivers are turning to fuel-efficient cars to help save money. But can they really help you reduce the cost of motoring? Fuel efficient driving techniques Demand for smaller, fuel-efficient cars is rising in the US and Europe. Fuel-efficient vehicles use technologies to … Read more

Hydrogen Powered Cars- Vehicles of the Future?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It powers the sun and is used a rocket propellant by NASA. Imagine if it could power your car. Benefits of using hydrogen The benefits of using hydrogen as a fuel read like a wish list for the perfect fuel. It … Read more

Biofuel for Cars- Oh the Many Options!

Most of us fill up our car with gasoline or diesel at the filling station forecourt. Butt here are alternative fuels; biofuel has a long history as an alternative to fossil fuels and is the fuel of choice in some countries. Sugar cane, sugarbeet, wheat and barley are the most … Read more

Alternative Fuels for Cars

As the demand for fossil fuels lessens, so does the negative impact on the environment that harvesting and using these resources produces. Although the economy has driven down the number of new cars being built, there is still a hefty car population that needs restructuring. Making personal transportation cleaner and … Read more

Battery Operated Cars – A Wave of the Future or Passing Trend?

Electric cars have been lauded as successors to petrol-fueled vehicles for decades, but they’re still very much a niche product on our roads. Why, despite the investment from manufacturers such as Audi, Honda, Nissan are they still such a rarity? If you’ve seen electric cars on the road the first … Read more

Vegetable Oil Fuels – A Not So New Way of Keeping Wheels Turning

Vegetable oil fuels are an alternative for diesel fuel as well as for the use of heating oil burners. More recently they are becoming the fuel of choice for green-minded vehicle drivers. Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine, did initially experiment with engines running on vegetable oil fuel. … Read more

Modern Airships Not Yet Sustainable

Air flight has a huge negative impact on the problem of global warming and carbon emissions. While the primary green house gas emission from powered air craft in flight is carbon dioxide, other emissions may include nitric oxide & nitrogen dioxide, sulfur oxides and carbon monoxide (which bonds with oxygen … Read more