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The NJMCDirect online portal has eventually replaced the old queuing system. Whenever once violates the traffic or parking rules. The traffic officers provide a traffic ticket stating your offenses and fine to pay. These compel you to pay the fines within the stated time frame. Violators need to visit the court and queue for long hours. However, the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (N.J.M.C.) has digitalized their traffic ticket system. They have implemented a new online portal, NJMCDirect. Here traffic law offenders can pay their fines online using their devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc.

Connect to the internet and proceed to make the payments. The new online system is easy to use and saves time and resources. The NJMCDirect portal also has a qualified support team that you can contact once you face any problems while paying the fines.

What is NJMCDirect?

The NJMCDirect is an online web portal design by the New Jersey Municipal court for online traffic ticket payments. Any traffic violation fines are now officially paid through the online platform. The system uses the prefix code on your traffic ticket to make the payment online. For the code to show, you need to avail of several details on the web portal and automatically display the prefix code. These have eased the hassles of visiting the court and standing in the long queues. Use the NJMCDirect website link www.njmcdirect.com to avail al your traffic fines and payment process. Ensure to use the prefix code to receive the traffic fine. It takes less timing, and it’s easy for anyone to pay through the portal, have the correct details and documents.



The parking/traffic ticket

A traffic ticket or parking ticket is the challan you receive from the traffic officers. Once your committee a traffic offense. The ticket is offered according to the law you violated. The traffic ticket also works as proof of the violation. The traffic officers will offer the ticket, which is encrypted with court I.D.I.D., ticket number, and the type of violation committed. Ensure you pay the ticket within the duration indicated, or hefty fines will be added to the offense.

License plate number

To complete the payment, you require a licensed plate number. These are found in your car or the driving license. It’s an essential requirement when paying fines through the N.J.M.C. ticket.

Online banking

The online payment process is much eased and safe. It takes a few minutes to complete making it convenient for many traffic violators. The link www.njmdirect.com is open to all traffic violators to complete their payments. Use the credit card or debit card to pay the fines. The portal also allows the use of a master card and visa card for the online N.J.M.C. ticket payment.

Njmcdirect Ticket Payment

NJMCDirect payment online portal: procedure of paying the traffic ticket online

The online payment method is fast and requires a few steps. The offender needs to have correct documents and enter the required details to complete the process.

  1. Open the official NJMCDirect portal from your browser www.njmcdirect.com
  2. On the homepage, there are two options: traffic tickets or Municipal complaints (time payment order. 
  3. Select traffic tickets to settle the traffic ticket payment.
  4. The system will request you to enter the court I.D.I.D./name, prefix code, ticket number, and the license plate number.
  5. Recheck the details the click the continue button.
  6. The portal will show two options: view NJMCDirect ticket and process NJMCDirect ticket payment.
  7. Select the option you prefer best for viewing; select the first option, and directly the portal will show your traffic ticket details. For NJMCDirect ticket payment, click the second option, and the system will open a payment page.
  8.  Now you require a debit card or credit card (master or visa card) to make payments.
  9. Proceed and enter the details, then click the continue button. The system will complete the payment. A printable receipt will show, print, and keep it for reference.

The NJMCDirect portal holds the transaction details for 90 days before clearing the details. You can access the information before the said days for reference. The system has a support team that can assist in the transaction viewing process if you experience any problems.

NJMCDirect customer service number

The NJMCDirect has official contact numbers to help applicants or offenders who get problems while using the portal. The services numbers are open to all. One can also visit the NJMCDirect service team from the office. 

  • Use the numbers: (973)284 4945
  • Fax number: (973) 284 4914
  • NJMCDirect office address: N.J.M.C. public safety Building, 2nd floor, 228 Chesnutt Street.
  • The offices are open to the public from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm E.S.T.

The NJMCDirect operation hours

Online transaction is the simplest way today to clear your traffic ticket fines. It fast and transparent; no corruption cases are involved. The offender can retrieve the payment transaction from the website anytime within the 90 days. However, the website is not open throughout; it works on certain operational hours as follows:

Daystime E.S.T.
Monday to Thursday4:30 am to 11:15 pm
Friday4:30 am to 10:15 pm
Saturday4:30 am to 3:15 pm
Sunday1:00 pm to 11:15 pm

What are the benefits of the NJMCDirect ticket payment portal?

The NJMCDirect website portal provides many benefits to both the citizens and the government.

  • It’s fast

Comparing the system to the manual process, the online portal is fast and can handle multiple transactions. No wasting time in the long queues at the court and the process a few minutes to complete,

  • Safe and secure

The portal holds different information for a long time; no one can temper with the details. These keep every individual detail safe. During payment, one provides some personal details to get the traffic ticket. The information is crucial and should be kept safe.

  • Convenient

These the only convenient way to pay your fines. It’s safe, saves time, cheap, and easy to use. The portal provides the quality of the best-digitalized system today. The charges are range from $1 to $ 4, which is affordable for all citizens.


A surcharge is an extra fee or money added to the set price of any goods or services. The price can be add to the existing tax or stand-alone charge. The surcharge can be define as a service fee, shipping fee, or handling fee. There are different types of the surcharge fee, though the fee can apply to a temporary situation. If a service or product has increased its pricing, the surcharge will compensate for the increased amount.

A clear example is the fuel surcharge. It’s temporary and flexible. Surcharge fee is also considered as a permanent or regular fee. It’s, however, tricky to deal with and requires more knowledge.

D.M.V. surcharge

 There are surcharges imposed by the D.M.V. Department of Motor vehicles. This type of surcharge is imposed when one violates traffic laws. The traffic offers offer traffic ticket to the violator, who pays according to the N.J.N.J. traffic laws. Once the ticket is given and the fine paid, some points are added to the offender’s license. For points below six in the next three years, you are eligible to pay any fines. However, if you exceed the six-point and get more in three years, you should be fined for $150 for the next three years. You’re also going to pay $25 for every additional point over the six-point. 

Several offenses attract a surcharge fee for the next three years.

  • If the driver lacks a license or the license is expired. The law can fine the offender $100 annual surcharge for the next three years. This totals to a $300 surcharge for the three years duration.
  • The fine can apply if the driver is using a suspended license a surcharge fine is imposed in one year the driver will pay $250 ($750 in three years)
  • Failure to insure a moped will attract a surcharge fine of $100 annually.
  • Drivers operating an insured vehicle will receive a fine of $250 per year.
  • If you receive the first and second D.W.I., a surcharge of $1000 will incur.
  • If you refuse to take the test to measure your blood alcohol in your system (surcharge of $1000)

How to pay NJsurcharge in New Jersey?

  • Traffic violator can use their debit or credit card to pay for a traffic ticket. The New Jersey traffic department has provided a unique online portal where you can make payments. The NJ surcharges website portal www.njsurcharge.com is flexible and easy to use for everyone.
  • Cash transaction: The offender can pay the ticket using cash; they need to visit the Western Union location and transact the cash.
  • Paying via the telephone:

Pay your surcharge fee through a call, use the number (844) 424—6829 then make the payment using the credit card or debit card.

  • Use cheque or money order:

The department allows users to pay via cheque or money order to clear the fine. Use the address N.J.S.V.S. P.O.Box 1502 Moorestown, NJ 08057-9704.

Note the New Jersey court permanently shuts down the www.njsurcharge.com website. However, new advanced sites are set to open and operate the same way as the old site. The new sites will accommodate more details and help many citizens.

Pleading not guilty in N J M C

A traffic offense is always not anyone’s wish, and sometimes it’s done by accident. Some people will accept the offense and pay using the set methods and forget about the fines. However, if one feels it’s wrong and they didn’t commit the violation. They can plead not guilty at the NJMC courts, plead your case, and the judges will make a ruling.

For individuals who don’t mind the offense, the law adds points to your driving records. The negative increase of points might lead to license revocation or suspension. Once you go beyond the six points, the laws will impose substantial charges which you pay annually for three years. If the offense continues, your license is canceled. If the court finds you not guilty, no points are added on the records making you safe.

Process of pleading in NJMC. if you are not guilty

  1. First, the user has to read the traffic ticket well and understand all the details indicated. You need to understand why you got the ticket and the traffic you broke.
  2. On the ticket, all information is written from the date and time to pay for the ticket. If you’re to appear in court, the dates are indicated on the ticket.
  3. Now you need to request a court date to plead not guilty. Use the official email Disputeticket@jcnj.org . Here you’re to enter all information such as ticket number, prefix code, license plate number, mailing address, and email I.DI.D. 
  4. The traffic department will send back a response; you can also use the offline method, visit the court to get the date for your hearing.
  5. Now visit the court on the date ordered if the department doesn’t respond to your requests. Visit the court a day before the paying date reaches to get a chance for your hearing.
  6. You can also call or visit the New Jersey support desk to enquire about the court details and other traffic fine details.
  7. You have the right to hire a lawyer to fight the case in court.

How to know if your license is expired?

A driving license is a legal document issued to individuals who have completed a driving course. They should improve the quality of using the vehicle and pass all the tests from the driving school. In New Jersey, you cannot drive without a driving license. The document also expires after some duration ensure to renew to drive. There are hefty fines if you don’t update your license, the insurance company will not compensate for any issue if the license is expire.

There are two methods to renew your license: the online and offline methods. Applicants using the online method need a few steps and details to complete the renewal process. First, the license should be expired, not suspended or revoked. For all situations, there are different departments to deal with the issue. The NJ MVC takes a license to renew. Suspension cases are dealt with by the New Jersey municipal court. The driver needs to request for restoration after the given suspension period. Now you need to clear all outstanding violation fines and surcharges to get the license back.

How to restore your license or register in New Jersey?

The applicant needs to contact the New Jersey MVC (motor vehicle commission) customer service (609)292-6500 paid line or 1-888-486-3339 toll-free number. Form the numbers enquire about the information about your suspended license. 

Details you need to know about your license restoration.

Suspension period

Once the suspension period is over, you cannot apply for suspension restoration immediately. Wait for the specified time to apply. Request the details from the New Jersey MVC team when the period will end and where to start when requesting for restoration.


The suspension fine will accumulate some surcharge during the suspension period. Ask the amount and clear all the said amount. Users can also request information from the department and receive it on your email address. You’re to pay a $15 as a service fee; it’s also a proper way to keep the information safe.

Methods of paying the license restoration

After the suspension period, you need to clear all the violation fines and charges. Again you don’t get to apply immediately, wait for the given time, and then start on the process. Now apply for reinstating the license and registration. The system will charge $100 for the reinstating fee. The NJ traffic department has three payment options.

Online Payment

You can pay the fee using the online portal; the N.J.M.V.C. website portal is open to all citizens. Enter the following details:

  • Social security number SSN
  • Driving license number
  • Your debit card or credit card.

The Zipcode should be the same as driving license records.

Paying at the local motor vehicle agency

Visit the local motor vehicle agency and submit the driving license restoration fee directly. Go to the NJ MVC office and complete the process.

By mailing a cheque or money order.

The NJ MVC department also accepts cheque and money to settle traffic tickets if you want to restore the license pay using the money order. Include the last part of the suspension notice and then send it to the N.J.M.V.C. Use the address:

New Jersey motor vehicle commission

P.O.P.O. Box. 140

Trenton, NJ 08650-0140

For violators without the suspension bottom part. Send the payment details to the address and wait for the response.

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  1. What will happen if I disagree with the details on the traffic ticket?

    You can opt to plead not guilty and visit the court to solve the issue. Call the customer service to get the right information about the court dates.

  2. What if I lost my traffic ticket?

    Ensure to report about the lost ticket to the New Jersey municipal court. You can also report at the local police department or any authority in your area.

  3. How long does the traffic ticket take to appear on the online platform?

    The system doesn’t show immediately about the ticket. It takes 1 to 4 days to appear online if it doesn’t show on the wait for more days to check for the ticket.

The NJMCDirect is the easiest and convenient website for the N.J.N.J. citizens. There is no need to visit the courts, and also it’s a transparent and safe way to use when paying the ticket fines.


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