Complementary Currency and Its Importance Within Communities

A Fiat currency system is where currency is both created is dispensed by one, designated authority. This is much like normal, national currencies. Complementary Currency has many goals, but at its heart are that of both job creation and the sustainable development of communities. For this to work, the wealth, … Read more

Lack of Water in Somalia- Drought Is Just One Problem

Africa is generally known as a continent stricken by a poor economical climate despite being rich with natural resources. Food shortages occur on a regular basis and many people rely on the help offered by the United Nations, multi-nationals, and NGOs. Somalia is one of the countries in Africa severely … Read more

How is Drinking Water Treated?

Many of us have the privilege of opening a tap and water comes out. It is an everyday thing for us and we are used to this luxury. But, have you ever wondered how the water coming from your kitchen tap is treated so that we are able to drink … Read more

Vernacular Architecture and Historic Preservation

Sustainable design in architecture is often only associated with wealthy individuals, high-end glossy magazines, distant locations, and famous celebrities. With green buildings still only account for less than 1% of all buildings, little attention is paid to the sustainability of the vernacular in the local suburbs of modern America. Vernacular … Read more

Why We Need Community Sustainability

The majority of the western world is not taught to be naturally self sufficient. Farmers are the lucky few who may have no trouble adapting to a post scarcity society. However farmers have been exploited, and are taught to maximize yields for profit at any cost. Also, commercially they only … Read more

Doctor Temple Grandin – Hero of Innovation, Animals and Autism

Born on the 29th of August, 1947, Doctor Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism in 1950. Despite this diagnoses, she earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Franklin Pierce College in 1970, a Masters Degree in Animal Sciences from Arizona State University in 1975 and, in 1989, she received a Doctoral … Read more

The Slow Money Alliance

“What would the world be like if we invested 50% of our money within 50 miles of where we live?” The Slow Money Alliance has a set of principles in place in order to “enhance food security, food safety and food access; improve nutrition and health; promote cultural, ecological and … Read more

Agriculture Tools Every Homesteader Should Know

We’re all familiar with a rake, a wheelbarrow, a shovel (or at least I hope you are). They are some classic gardening tools. But when I say “rake,” maybe I envision a broad, plastic leaf rake and you think of a metal one. Flatheaded shovel or rounded? There are so … Read more

Greenest Cities in America Still ‘Growing’

Every person makes a difference and all we need is for everyone to do their part. However the baseline for sustainability, for hundreds of thousands of people, is created through the green practices of their cities. But what determines how green a city is? Different surveys consider different elements. The … Read more

Climate Change In South Africa

As with all countries, global warming has its effects on South Africa and due to climate change, increased temperatures and decreased rainfall are expected in South Africa. Societal changes will inevitably result from the environmental ones. Because of the existing ideal climate, South Africa is an agricultural country that greatly … Read more