Complementary Currency and Its Importance Within Communities

A Fiat currency system is where currency is both created is dispensed by one, designated authority. This is much like normal, national currencies. Complementary Currency has many goals, but at its heart are that of both job creation and the sustainable development of communities. For this to work, the wealth, … Read more

Why Build a Moveable Chicken Coop?

Deciding to raise chickens is a big responsibility and can be a bit tricky if your home is located within a residential area of a town or city. Constructing or purchasing a moveable chicken coop is the best option if you want the chance to farm in your own backyard. … Read more

High Tunnel Farming for Year Round Growing

High tunnel farming is one thoughtful solution to the more traditional methods of growing fruits and vegetables around the seasonal change in weather. Historically, farmers lost a lot of their crops due to changes in the weather conditions, such as a early frost; for the farmer this meant that bills … Read more

How to Make Kombucha

Learn how to make kombucha at home Make Kombucha at Home Kombucha tea is often referred to as kombucha mushroom tea; however, kombucha is not a mushroom it is a colony of bacteria and yeast and it is rather easy to make at home. The most difficult part of making … Read more

Our Innovation Predictions for 2009 – In Business

It’s going to be a year of big innovation – that’s what recessions do. Companies will devise new ways of delivering stuff cheaper. Think there will also be a shift away from a consumption culture and into one of valuing what we have. So any companies that that help people … Read more

The Screw Pump: An Archimedes’ Invention Still in Use Today

Archimedes of Syracuse was an ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, invetor, and astronomer. He is typically regarded as one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity. He is most known for his explanation of the principle of the lever and for the first theoretical calculation of the value of pi … Read more

What is Hydroponics? Benefits & Advantages

You may ask yourself what is hydroponics? It is the technique of growing plants without the use of soil. Although, there are other methods of growing plants with nothing more than water; this process is known as nutrient film technique or N.F.T. This process is quite popular and is used … Read more

Open Innovation with Procter & Gamble

Today we were allowed into the once ‘super-secretive’ headquarters of Procter & Gamble to learn about their famous and much lauded Connect & Develop programme. So what did we learn? They had a major crisis at the start of the millennium – the business wasn’t growing, innovation success rate was … Read more

An Electric, Tankless Water Heater That Will Serve Your Home Well

With the cost of energy steadily rising every day, we tend to invest in electric appliances that are cost efficient. These are usually products that comply with Energy Star requirements. Using these types of products, we are assured that costs will be kept down. While using less energy, the impact … Read more

Ithaca Hours and How They Work

What are ithaca hours? | How They Work? The Ithaca HOUR is a local currency used in Ithaca, New York and is the oldest and largest local currency system in the United States that is still in operation. The basic premise of the Ithaca HOURS is that one Ithaca HOUR … Read more

Examples of Biomimicry

Nowadays we face many problems in trying to develop sustainable technologies. This has led to the field of biomimicry, where we learn from systems that have evolved to suit perfectly their environments. Biomimicry is basically biologically inspired engineering. Below you will see just a few examples of Biomimicry including Velcro, … Read more

What Is Biomimicry?

Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution in 1859, though most of us believe the process of evolution to be millions of years older than antiquity. Natural selection has been carefully refining living organisms to ensure that the ones which still live today have intricately adapted to suit their surrounding … Read more