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HRMS Rochester

UR or Rochester was established 170 years ago and is proud to produce qualified graduates each year. The institution is a private research university in Rochester, New York. The University has different courses granting different certifications such as Undergraduate, graduate degrees, which include doctoral and professional degrees. It registers approximately 6,800 undergraduates and 5000 graduates per academic year.

The Rochester University has a large number of employees in various departments, all serving the institution. With a large number, the University has a privatized HRMS Rochester system accessible to authorized users in the University. Here Rochester faculty can check payroll details, leaves, loans and other institution information directly without visiting the HR offices.

Rochester HRMS

To access the Human resources management system portal, Rochester employees must have a NetID and Net password. The portal has a help desk for employees who have difficulty enrolling on the page. The portal is design for University registered users, individuals from outside need to use the Duo security system. Human resources management system Rochester portal will provide a few steps on the login process to verify the details.

HRMS Rochester

HRMS Rochester Login

Log in to the HRMS Rochester using the DUO push process.

Users can opt for the Duo push process to access the Rochester Human resources management system. The process can be done via a smartphone device where the user directly visits the “push notification “from the mobile app.

  1. Visit the Rochester HRMS website page; on the homepage, enter your NetID and password.
  2. Click on the sign button on the page, the portal will provide a push notification from the Duo mobile app from the user’s enrolled smartphone/tablet.
  3.  The option gives the applicant the power to accept or deny access to the HRMS page.
  4. The process is delayed if the screen goes to sleep or locked when the push notification is sent to the device to refresh the page and proceed.
  5. Now click on the approve button indicated by green colour; if a notification is sent to your mobile without your consent, press the red deny button. This means someone might be accessing your HRMS account.
  6. The system will approve the request; now, you can log in to the HRMS account page.

Rochester HRMS Login with Other Device Enrolled in Duo

Log in to the Rochester HRMS with the other device enrolled in Duo.

When enrolling with Duo, you should set a default device to use in the process. Users can add other devices and use non-default devices to log in to the HRMS account.

  1. Visit the official HRMS Rochester website page on the homepage enter the NetID (UserID).
  2. On the password space, the user should enter the password followed by a comma and authentication method or the device they want to use.
  1. The user might have one type of device enrolled multiple times, for example, two smartphones. To differentiate, the user needs to add a number at the end of the appended text as follows push 1 and push 2.
  2. The system will send a push notification to the device you select, ensure to number the devices for the system to send the push notification to the right device.
  3. Next, click on the sign-in button and follow the instructions to validate with the authorized method or device.

Contact IT Center

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HRMS Rochester

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