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RSM Student Portal

Mathematics education is a challenging subject for many students globally. Resolving different formulas for each problem proves hard to understand in just a regular lesson. These compel many parents to find an after-school program for their children to work on more math problems and improve their grades.

The Russian school of math has and is working with many students and parents globally to curb the math weakness problem. The program helps children attending K-12 from all schools, both public and private schools.

RSM was established by Inessa Rifkin and the co-founder Iren Khavinson in 1997. The main aim of the program was to help in primary school mathematics. The founders were passionate about working out math problems, which they could assist children through online websites and offline/regular after school programs.

Russian School of Mathematics Student Portal

Parents can use the official website portal to follow and enquire about the services Students in the high-school level are prepared to take standardized tests such as SAT, SAT II, and AP exams. The program uses a lot of exercises, examples, and realistic learning materials to help keep a clear memory of the math problem they solve. Note the program offers classwork and homework for enrolled students, thus creating competition amount students.

RSM Student Portal Login

RSM Student Portal
RSM Student Portal

RSM Student Portal Login

How to Login to the RSM Student Portal?

  1. Visit the official RSM website (or) page.
  2. Enter your login details, which are provide during the signup process or by the RSM authority on the RSM web portal.
  3. The page will verify the login details. If correct, the page will send a success message to the portal.
  4. Now you can log in to the page and select the service you wish to avail.
  5. Note the official website page is, with no other links provided by the school.

Benefits of RSM Programs

  • Help improve student grades in the math subject.
  • Removes the fear of math, which is describe as a difficult subject.
  • Easy to access the programs using an online portal.
  • Learning is made fun using resourceful learning materials.
  • Students can have plenty of time to learn and understand, unlike regular classes.
  • It eases the thinking ability where students don’t fear mathematics anymore.

RSM Locations

Russian school of mathematics initially started at Boston at the founder’s Inessa living room. The small beginnings have assisted thousands (15,000) of students worldwide and enrolled more in the program. The school has different locations and an online program to serve others from various parts of the world. RSM is in New York, California, Kentucky, Illinois, Washington, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.

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