Straw Bale Homes Use Natural Building Materials

The three little pigs knew a thing or two about building houses; with a big bad wolf prowling around they had to. Brick – good. Wood – not so good. Straw – forget it. But if a wolf is not threatening you there are many reasons why you might want … Read more

Converting Your House Into a Green Home 101

If you already own a home that you love but are concerned about how your living impacts the environment, there are a few upgrades you can preform to reduce the amount of energy used on a daily basis and make your house into a more sustainable, green home for as … Read more

Snail Farming Benefits from Free Range Principles

Like all commercially farmed animals in the agricultural business, snails have been and continue to be exploited by farmers whose main focus is dollar amounts. Perhaps more so for snails. Their size and characteristics surely don’t work well in their favor. Does the average farmer, or even consumer, feel empathy … Read more

Spent Mushroom Compost is Not All Used Up

One of the by products of mushroom farming is mushroom compost. More precisely, the compost that the mushrooms were grown in that no longer has enough nutrients for mushrooms but plenty of nutrients left for the garden and landscape plants. Mushroom Compost Mushroom compost is made specifically for mushroom farming … Read more

Home Aquaponics Can Work for You

Aquaponics can be an intimidating concept for the home gardener but it really is no more difficult than caring for an average fish tank with the added benefit that you could eat both the fresh garden produce and the fish. Aquaponics is a sustainable food production system that combines the … Read more

Upcycled Clothing for Your Own Eco Fashions

Upcycled clothing might sound like some ridiculous new fashion trend, but it is simply put the recycling up your old, out-dated clothing. If you are creative and pretty good with a needle, this is most definitely for you. With upcycled clothing you either revamp an old jean by adding something … Read more