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The Washington University, commonly referred to as WUSTL, is a private research university located in Greater St. Louis and its main campus in Danforth. The Institution was established in the year 1853 and providing quality education for all 50 US states.  The University has employed a large number of employees from teaching and non-teaching staff. To manage the number, the Institution implemented HRMS portal to handle all employee details with ease. Employees don’t have to visit the HR offices but can self-serve using their login details using the WUSTL HRMS portal

HRMS Wustl Login

They can access the following services:

  • Payroll information.
  • Employee benefits.
  • Gather information about reporting time
  • Their personal information and other information about the system.

What id WUSTL Human Resource Management System is an authorized legal private employee system that is only accessed by the University faculty and staff.  The information is confidential and only applies to the University staff.

Hour time tracking HRMS Wustl web clock

The time tracking is a service found on the HRMS portal, which is adhered to by all faculty and staff. NThe University provides a conducive working environment for all employees providing all the necessary tools to enhance productivity. The University pays the right amount considering the time an employee has worked. The institute treats all employees fairly and has set laws governing the employees; bi-weekly employees can easily record their working time, which will help in the payroll.

Wustl HRMS

Benefits of time tracking and how to use the Wustl HRMS web clock

the University has several employees working under the set laws of accurate pay. These employees are known as non-exempt employees. The employee has to record every hour they work, including their overtime for precise payment. For accuracy, employees should do the following:

  • Record the time in and time out and also the time when you go out and back from lunch accurately.
  • The University provided 30 minutes of unpaid lunchtime; if the employee works during this time, they should record it on the time record and then inform your supervisor.
  • Seek approval from the supervisor to work overtime, ensure to record all the overtime to get paid.

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