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UNF Library

The UNF is large community bases of learns, faculty, and staff with a common success goal. The University is focuse on equipping learns with the best to help them achieve good careers and personality after campus. The institute has the best study environment for students and spacious study rooms.

The University also has a remarkable library room rich with study materials and equipment such as laptops and comfortable study desks. It proper light to give students the best environment. The Thomas G. Carpenter Library is the famous library in UNF name after it founder Thomas G. Carpenter. It located in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.



How to Access UNF Library?

UNF has a laid strategy on how to access the library; they have security measurements to keep all items safe. Students, faculty, and staff must have the Osprey1 card to access the library. If one forgets the card, they need to sign in at the front desk near the door. The University students, faculty, and staff can now access the online website www.unf.edu  for any service in UNF.

UNF library study rooms

The UNF Library space: The library space can hold a large number of students; it has space for both groups and individual study. The library furniture is well-spaced to accommodate everyone and provide room for quiet study time. It has the 1st and 2nd floor labeled as the collaborative study floors, here groups can use the floors to socialize and study together. The 3rd and 4th floors are the quiet study floors where students take individual studies.  It’s a silent room, and no noise is encouraging in this part of the library. Each floor has a different furniture arrangement according to the floor. Students can re-arrange according to their activity and comfortability. There are various electrical outlets (1300) to help plug in your laptop and mobile devices.

UNF Library Group Study Rooms

The 1st and 2nd-floor area specified for the group study, it only available for the UNF students who have to book a slot before using n# and UNF email. The group will book a reservation through the online reservation system.

Freestanding Group Rooms

On the 2nd floor, a group flor is designed for groups who come first; they don’t have to book the appointment. Its located at the east wing; the floor has six rooms, which has glass walls to write on with dry-erase markers.  The story is an open setup space that accommodated different groups. The furniture has wheels and can move anywhere according to the area.

There is also the Osprey spirit room, which is located on the second floor east of the staircase. The furniture’s are well-designed and include booths, high tops, and benches

The UNIF library has the Media scapes. There are one stationary mediascape and one mobile media at the circulation desk. Groups can move the media to where their area seated. These aresome of the privileges provided by the UNF library to all students, faculty, and staff.  The UNF library services are available online via the UNF campus website portal www.unf.edu

UNF library printing

Students can take prints from UNF Library printers wirelessly. You need to send documents (which you want to take printouts) from your computer/ laptop by using University of North Florida Campus Printing Service.

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