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The Student doctors network abbreviated as (SDN) is a prestigious non-profit education organization. It serves different students in the health industry.  The organization deals with pre-health and health professional students in the United States and Canada. The organization doesn’t charge any fee for membership which makes it easy to join the health community.

The main aim of SDN is to assist and also encourage students in the challenging health industry. It helps students, working doctors, Pharmacist and all health-related personnel through the complicated healthcare filed and education.  The platform has millions of active members who receive help online from the organization professionals.

Student Doctor Network Pharmacy
Student Doctor Network Pharmacy forums

Student Doctor Network

Healthcare professionals on the Student Doctor Network (SDN) list

  • Dental specialist
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical
  • Optometry
  • Physical therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Psychology
  • Rehabilitation medicine
  • Veterinary medicine.

SDN organization was established in 1999 and has 100 volunteers, active members and millions of website visitors.  Students and other health practitioners can read daily articles on healthy to enhance their skills in the medical field.  Student doctors network keeps all membership information confidential and doesn’t associate with any educational institute.  The aim is to offer education or information with financial or geographical barriers. They don’t discriminate any gender, race, social status or religion.

Pharmacy careers from SDN

Pharmacy is diverse with Pharmacist practising in different fields; most students think of the practice only in the community and hospitals. However, SDN gives a variety of Pharmacy practices as follows:


This one of the Pharmacists career option where one can study and work in an academic setting. Students can work in colleges, medical schools and Universities, they can help in training programs. Academia gives the student a wide range of opportunities where they can meet different people in the community.

Community pharmacy

The community pharmacy holds different sectors where one can work in large companies, own pharmacy, schools and hospitals. Here they prescribe medications which are ordered from other physicians and doctors. They must offer quality healthcare to people in the community and hospitals.

Drug information pharmacists

These type of Pharmacist provide medical information and education to other professionals in the medical industry.  They either work with the academic institutions or medical organizations in the pharmacy field.  Drug information pharmacist has more knowledge in different medicine questions which they help doctors and professional make the right decisions in administrating medication or new drugs.

Home infusion

Pharmacy study is extensive and includes the home infusion career, professionals in the sector administer medicine in a parentally way. It’s not about oral usage but using injections or epidural catheters, the cater for patients undergoing severe diseases which cannot work with oral drugs.  Home infusion pharmacist uses prescribed orders from doctors and other physicians where they help to infuse and provide care to the patient.

Hospital pharmacy

The Hospital Pharmacy is responsible for providing and distributing medication to inpatient and outpatient. They work in a hospital setting providing prescribe drugs from the doctor or nurse after the patient has been treated.

In conclusion, the SDN organization provides more information on the medical fields and helps students achieve the best careers best commonly known. A pharmacist has a wide range of careers to choose from and can follow the SDN portal for more about Student Doctor Network Pharmacy information at (or)

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