Netflix Student Discount – Ways students can Redeem it for free

The Netflix Student Discount 2024. for students Netflix discounts & voucher codes. Does netflix have a student discount at

Netflix Student Discount

Netflix is the exclusive and best movie streaming service globally, with millions of people subscribing to watching exquisite movies and TV shows. The netflix works as a library containing all the best movies and shows to spice your day. It’s the only place where you can find movie stars and unique movies that don’t find their way on regular TV programs. The app/service is compatible with all smart devices meaning you can watch movies anytime using your mobile device.

Globally, Netflix has 148 million paid subscriptions; among the statistics, there are many student’s subscribers.  Many of the students especially in US are movie freaks and try to fit their tight budget to enjoy Netflix movies and shows while they are out of class.

Netflix Student Discount

Netflix Discount for Students

Is there any Netflix student discount? Unfortunately, there is no student discount on Netflix service; the service takes all subscribers to have the same ability. However, there are simple ways to receive free; students can work with tricks and enjoy free movies and shows every day. Student life is quite challenging. One has to live on a tight budget and also try to have fun. Netflix has an unlimited plan going for $7.99 per month, a subscription which students will find challenging to implement together with their basic needs. However, students can work with few tricks to have a Netflix student discount for free or have it at a lower price.

How to Access Netflix Student Discount

Steps to Access Netflix Student Discount

  1. First, create a new Netflix account on your device (mobile or laptop) to enter all the requirements to complete the process.
  2. After creating the account, now click on the start of your free month trial button.
  3. Later before the 30 days’ trial is over, cancel the free trails subscription plan. (Note this is before the free offer is depleted).
  4. The Netflix service will send you an email offering a new 30 days’ free trial a promotion to continue running their business.
  5. Click on the link they offer on the email and watch for few days then unsubscribe from the free trial. You can keep this going for several times; the Netflix company will provide different versions with different low prices which you can now subscribe to.
  6. Ensure to pick the least rates and enjoy the movies and TV shows while you handleyour student budget. The process will take longer since you need to cancel before the monthly free trial ends, but be sure to get the best deals at low prices in the long run. 

How Students Can Reduce the Cost of Netflix

Students can reduce the cost of Netflix to 72$ annually. Students can follow simple tricks and enjoy the services.

1. Ensure to change your subscription and use the basic plan

Moving to the basic plan seems like a bad option though looking at the chart below, Netflix offers all movies regardless of the prices. The difference between the plans is the quality of giving a standard of 720p; however, you will never notice. Also, you will get the majority of screen features besides the screen sharing. Subscribe for the basic plan and save on your budget for the whole year.

2. Go for Netflix trial versions.

Netflix has 30 days’ free trial version for all accounts; students can take advantage and create different accounts. No money is charged for the versions which you can watch for several months for free. Ensure the email and payment account are different for each account for the trick to work.

3. Contact your Nearby Netflix dealer.

Students can access Netflix dealers who offer Netflix accounts at a lower rate; they use social media platforms to connect to different people. Visit and get your cheap Netflix account and enjoy movies and TV shows anywhere.

4.Students can share subscription bills.

In cases where students live in a shared house, they can share the Netflix cost among themselves to reduce the cost. It’s easier for everyone to part with a little bill than the full subscription bill.

In conclusion, Netflix doesn’t have full discount offers for students, but they can use the above tricks to watch movies. The service also comes with lower prices if you change a few details like the subscriptions.  It’s the best way to have all videos in one platform at little or no cost every month, saving a lot of money annually considering the student budget situation.

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