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ISA Student Portal

ISA is a famous worldwide education leader venturing into different countries globally. The plan was launched in 1887 to provide University level students with quality education different from what they receive in the home country. Many students have benefited from international education to receive global certification in various fields of study.  ISA provides abroad programs for Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific. Students receive studies at affordable prices, thus bring more students to the program. The institution provides the following:

  • Customs programs
  • Services-learning and internship programs
  • They can have gap year programs
  • Veritas Christian study program
  • Euro scholarship programs

The program helps students learn through partnerships and uses different host institutions to deliver quality education globally.

ISA Student Portal
ISA Student Portal

ISA Affiliate Programs Benefits

The ISA affiliate agreement with Universities comes with a lot of benefits to the students.

Scholarship opportunities

ISA provides students with a certain amount to boost their education at affiliate universities. The funds have helped many students who can now get into better careers without worrying about tuition fees.

Choice of program discount/grant fund.

The ISA program also provides additional affiliate discounts and grants yearly. The institution collaborating with ISA can either decide on discounts for future students or have a grant fund in which the University will provide scholarships to students in the future participating in the ISA program.

Direct access to the ISA advisor portal

The ISA website provides students with resourceful program information for enrolled students.

  • Information about the host University
  • Enrollment status of the student
  • Date of enrollment
  • Library details
  • Advisor resources.

Affiliate rates

All host Universities receive services on discount when using the ISA website

Better communication

The program has set a precise and efficient way to communicate with all students. They have a proper way to communicate with advisors and receive their finances and courses.

The ISA program doesn’t require any cost from Universities for partnership. The plan is open to all qualified Universities in the given countries to provide quality education.Students can log in to the student portal by creating an account first. They will receive usernames and passwords, which in return, they use to login to their ISA web accounts.  The program doesn’t discriminate against any student but works with different countries. Chances are offered to a qualified student who can apply for scholarships and student in any of the affiliate Universities. 

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