Audible Student Discount 2021 | Amazon Audible Discount for Students at

The Audible Student Discount 2021. Amazon Audible Membership Discount for Students at

Audible Student Discount

Audible is one of the best Amazon products; it’s the biggest seller and producer of spoken audio. The feature provides students and other users with entertainment, audiobooks information and education-related programs using the internet.  Users can enjoy radio and TV programs through the creative feature audible studios.

Amazon has modified the program to run on special closed software which includes unauthorized-playback. The program is the first producer allowing users to download audiobooks. The producers have played a significant role during the covid-19 epidemic, where it provides educational content for millions of students globally. Students can access or programs using Audible website for rich content.  Audible works as a subsidiary of Amazon since January 31, 2008, and has grown over the years coming up with new products for students worldwide.

How it works

New subscribers can opt for a 30 days’ free trial to get the experience of the Audible program. The program will provide one or two credit, depending on the marketplace you use. The credit helps user purchase an audiobook for free; the program gives the user the privilege to use the book even after the free period lapses.  The Audible program will then charge the subscriber the monthly fee through the credit. However, you can cancel the offer in case you like to continue pay by buying more credit or pay for single audiobooks per month.

Feature of Audible

Subscribers should download a free audible app on their devices once they purchase the programs.  The app is available on all Android and IOS devices and comes with a unique feature which helps users pick from where they left the audio.

Users will find mobile app convenient too as it works well as computers or podcast, make note and bookmarks when active on the page. The same will be found once you revisit the page, this is quite beneficial to the user as they can save note anytime if they don’t have a physical book to write. The best part of the program is that one can return an audiobook if they find it not interesting. the program will offer a new audiobook or refund the credits

Benefits of Audible

  • Audible is an easy way to learn and listen to audiobooks while doing other activities.
  • It helps users read books which they could have taken longer to finish, now they can listen anywhere anytime.
  • It saves time as many people are held at work or school and don’t have time to read or are just tired.
  • One can repeat books or get a variety of books in from the Audible program.

Audible Student Membership plan and discount

The audible program caters for student users providing them with a unique membership plan. The plan varies according to the location as US college students who are above the age of 16 years gets the audible membership plan at $9.95 each month. The program exempts 5$ every month, making it cheaper for the US students. They also receive a onetime $10 credit which they use it to buy any product from Amazon.

Audible has two special offers for students as follows:

  • One free audiobook and two free audible originals from the program. However, students who start with student membership plan will not receive the offers.
  • Receive 50 per cent off for the first three months, which will give students a discount, thus paying $ 7.49 per month cheaper than the student membership plan of $9.95.

Steps to activate Audible for the Student Plan

Students need to have Unidays membership; students studying in the United States and have reached the age of 16 years will find it easy to apply since it free. The student should have a personal institution email address or credit card. They also require student id from the institution after which they can register for the program.

  1. For audible students, they need first to cancel their membership to register again through the official website
  2. For old student’s log in to the Audible website and select your name next on the homepage clicks the tab account details.
  3. On the membership details page select, the tab cancels the membership. The portal will request a reason for cancellation from the page. Select the option other reason with Unidays which is written on the text box. The cancellation process will proceed.
  4. Please proceed to the Audible for student portal and click on the option to verify my student status.
  5. The page will direct you to the Unidays Audible offer page, select the verify your account.
  6. Next login to the Unidays accounts and verify. New students have to register on Unidays to benefit from the Audible services.
  7. Next, follow the instruction set from the page and verify, next you’re to redeem the unique code sent by Unidays. After this, you can enjoy the Audible service at a discounted rate.

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