Complementary Currency and Its Importance Within Communities

A Fiat currency system is where currency is both created is dispensed by one, designated authority. This is much like normal, national currencies.

Complementary Currency has many goals, but at its heart are that of both job creation and the sustainable development of communities. For this to work, the wealth, thus the currency, must stay within the community.

Complementary Community Currency can help to build up a strong economic environment within the community, helping to alleviate poverty. Another benefit if complementary currency is that it supports the cultures of different communities.

Could your community benefit from a complementary currency?

Within communities, the environmental impact can become quite large. Members of the community will start gardening as they see the needs for fresh produce and herbs. As this increases, communities become self sustainable.

Furthermore the reduced use of pollutants is also notable. Things such as transportation are cut seeing as it is not needed. The product is already where it needs to be and this also reduces the cost of the products.

This causes a chain reaction. A reduction in the burning of fossil fuels will in the long run reduce the carbon footprint of the community.

Alternative resources for electricity is also investigated within such communities as not only a way for more cost-effective sources of energy, but as a way to become self sufficient.

In poverty stricken communities, complementary currency is a very viable option that can help alleviate the economic pressure they are under. By becoming self sufficient, these communities are starting to realize that their saving grace is within their reach.

Not only is the development within communities sustainable, but the entire community benefits from this development. Benefits are not only financial, but social and environmental as well.

By using what is in their reach, communities are changing the way they operate.

Communities are strong and when survival kicks in, relying on sustainable development becomes there only option. They realize that by looking after one another they can benefit greatly. -ANNABEL SCHOEMAN

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