High Tunnel Farming for Year Round Growing

High tunnel farming is one thoughtful solution to the more traditional methods of growing fruits and vegetables around the seasonal change in weather. Historically, farmers lost a lot of their crops due to changes in the weather conditions, such as a early frost; for the farmer this meant that bills would not get paid and food would be in low supply.

During the last several years there have been some simple innovative tools that help improve the way farmers reap and sow their produce, such as high tunnel farming. Tunnel farming gives farmers the opportunity to plant and grow their garden year round through the simple use of a greenhouse like structure that insulates the crops. They are no longer limited by weather restrictions or seasonal changes and instead traps solar warmth inside the tunnel to avoid freezing conditions year round. Tunnel farming methods can also help provide a source of barrier protection from diseases that normally destroy plants before they have an opportunity to mature.

High tunnel farming offers year round growing for colder environments.

In this controlled environment crops are able to reproduce at an uninterrupted speed. The insulated walls provide heat and cool air only when it is needed; farmers are in charge of regulating when and how much. Plants can now survive even in conditions that are extremely hot or freezing cold. No fans or other intensive mechanisms are needed in tunnel farming. Located on one end of the wall is an opening that is large enough to allow a tractor or other farming equipment to enter the structure, if needed. The tunnel is perfect for organic farming and costs less to maintain.

Bugs and insects as well as bad weather has always been enemies to the farmer. These inconveniences cost farmers millions of dollars in damaged and destroyed crops each year and reduce the year’s supply of produce. While there are many detriments to traditional monocropping farm techniques, tunnel farming is a vast improvement in general agribusiness practices. With organic farming techniques and tunnel farming ideas pests and insects can easily be eliminated, without harming plant life. Since this is a controlled environment solar heat is stored and used when it is needed, and non chemical pesticides can be used to control minor pest infestations if any. Since nature’s elements are not allowed inside the structure, a simple irrigation system must be installed. This too is controlled from within the structure.

Tunnel farming is a very new concept, but popularity is growing among the producers of fruits, vegetables, and plants. It allows farmers to enter the retail market on time and in most cases early. Farmers are able to capitalize on a larger part of their income thanks to this ultimate solution to farming. It eliminates so many blockages that farmers once faced in growing, and selling their produce. -BEN TERRINGTON

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