Why Build a Moveable Chicken Coop?

Deciding to raise chickens is a big responsibility and can be a bit tricky if your home is located within a residential area of a town or city. Constructing or purchasing a moveable chicken coop is the best option if you want the chance to farm in your own backyard. Becoming an urban chicken farmer is very rewarding and will move you one step closer to obtaining a truly sustainable lifestyle.

Moveable Chicken Coop

A moveable or portable chicken coop is a smart investment for urban residents. Especially with first time home owners who are more likely to upgrade to a new home. Most moveable coops are on wheels, making it easier to pack up your flock and move to a new location.

A moveable chicken coop is a great DIY project

In addition, a portable coop also allows you the option of moving the coop around your yard for easier cleaning and yard maintenance. This also helps regulate the birds environment. On a hot muggy day, your coop can be pushed under trees for shade. On a rainy or windy day the coop can be pushed next to the house to minimize their discomfort. You may even enjoy changing the locations on a seasonal basis. A fall garden would make a wonderful spot for a coup.

Furthermore, most portable coop designs are small and compact and fit the legal restrictions placed on the urban farmer. They take up less space and are easy to keep away from neighbours. They are also always fully enclosed which will protect the chickens from predators but also is great for keeping the birds and visitors safe who may not have experience with livestock.

Lastly and most importantly, check your local by-laws. Some residential areas do not permit the use of their zoned land for raising any livestock. Some specifically ban the use of raising poultry. However most urban and suburban zones simply have restrictions that must be followed, like the size of the flock and wether or not you can own a rooster. Just be sure you are within your legal rights before starting construction.

A portable chicken coop is the perfect solution to raising a small flock of chickens when law or space restrictions get in the way. Don’t pass up the chance to experience the wonder and joy of keeping chickens, no matter how big or small your land is.



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