An Electric, Tankless Water Heater That Will Serve Your Home Well

With the cost of energy steadily rising every day, we tend to invest in electric appliances that are cost efficient.

These are usually products that comply with Energy Star requirements. Using these types of products, we are assured that costs will be kept down. While using less energy, the impact we have on the environment, is also drastically reduced.

There are all sorts of energy and cost effective products out there and of one of these include the electric, tankless water heater.

An electric, tankless water heater works in such a way that water is only heated as it is needed and used. It is an ‘on demand’ water heating system and thus does not require a water storage tank.

As you can imagine, it is very energy sufficient and thus also cost efficient. Water is not heated and stored, but only heated as needed and energy in keeping water warm for long periods of time is not used.

Because water is only heated when it is used, warm water will never run out. So, there is no more waiting an hour after your hubby took his twenty minute long shower before you can pour yourself a relaxing, warm bath.

With this electric, tankless water heater, users are able to set a temperature they desire. This allows the user to set and control the heat of water used. This on demand warm water system reduces the heating costs of households and reduces the risk of scalding.

The Stiebel Eltron Tempra and Tempra Plus Series of tankless water heaters promises a long service life as well as optimum efficiency during the system’s lifespan.

It saves on space, as the models are compact and smaller in design. Tankless water heaters are also less likely to rupture or leak.

This series of tankless water heaters are able to produce between six to seven gallons of warm water per minute. This however does depend on the temperature you select and the model as well.

Furthermore the Stiebel Eltron Tempra and Tempra Plus Series of tankless water heaters can, in comparison to other, more conventional water heaters, save you between 30% and 50% in energy costs.

This reduced use of energy does not only carry the benefits of cost efficiency, but will reduce the carbon footprint your household leaves behind.

Because of a wide range of products and models available today, you are sure to find a tankless water heater suitable for you and your home’s needs. -ANNABEL SCHOEMAN

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