Planting Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a fun and easy plant to grow. Nothing gets a gardener more excited than enjoying a plump juicy cucumber straight from the vine. There are a variety of cucumbers to choose from and all will give you a hardy yield if grown correctly. Cucumbers are great for a … Read more

Outdoor Canvas Fabric

Canvas is used in so many things, it’s hard to think of all the things we depend on it for. Even for outdoor applications, which is only one portion of how we utilize this wonderful material, we find a wide range of places and ways in which canvas makes itself … Read more

Rocket Stove for Ultimate Low Fuel Cooking

Fuel poverty is a fact of life for many people in developing nations. They’re often reliant on buying expensive kerosene or coal, or gathering wood and dung to burn over open fires. In countries which benefit from a lot of sunshine, solar cookers are a practical and low cost alternative … Read more

High Tunnel Farming for Year Round Growing

High tunnel farming is one thoughtful solution to the more traditional methods of growing fruits and vegetables around the seasonal change in weather. Historically, farmers lost a lot of their crops due to changes in the weather conditions, such as a early frost; for the farmer this meant that bills … Read more

Planting Tomatoes in Garden

Planting tomatoes in gardens is one way you can enjoy this vegetable straight from the backyard. They are a great source of vitamin-c and beta-carotene. When tomatoes are cooked, they release antioxidants that can help prevent certain cancers, like prostate cancer. Tomatoes are a favourite on sandwiches and in pasta … Read more

Aeroponics System: Good for NASA, Good for You

Growing plants without the use of soil is one of the most environmentally friendly methods to produce healthy food crops. Aeroponics grows plants using an aerosolized nutrient-rich mist and oxygen to feed and water the plants by the roots. This process greatly reduces the amount of water and energy needed … Read more

How to Make Kombucha

Learn how to make kombucha at home Make Kombucha at Home Kombucha tea is often referred to as kombucha mushroom tea; however, kombucha is not a mushroom it is a colony of bacteria and yeast and it is rather easy to make at home. The most difficult part of making … Read more

Ecological Agriculture for a Better World

People often don’t realize that a country can produce vast amounts of food but still have millions of people among their own population go hungry everyday. Because the commercial food industry has become a mix or corporate giants, meeting the needs of smaller, local communities with high quality produce has … Read more

Cob Ovens for Outdoor Eco Cooking

Have you ever fancied making a pizza or baking bread in your garden? A cob oven is a simple to build, highly efficient oven which you can build in your garden from material you probably already have in your yard. And it makes the best pizza and bread you’ve ever … Read more

Miniature Goats A New Solution for the Backyard Homesteader

Miniature dairy goats are relatively new breeds of goat that are the product of a standard size American goat bred to a Nigerian Dwarf. Miniature goats generally stand between 23 and 29 inches and are larger than pygmy goats which stand between 16 and 23 inches. Miniature dairy goats are … Read more

Food Preservation: How Preserving Food Effects Our Lives

There’s a basic fact about the food we eat: it’s perishable. Any time you’ve pulled some forgotten takeout from the back of your fridge, or observed the terrarium of mold that was once a fresh loaf of bread knows this. Our food is derived from organic life, plant or animal … Read more

All About Growing Squash Plants

Squash were cultivated in Mesoamerica 10,000 years ago. It was an integral crop in the guild of the “Three Sisters” (corn, beans and squash). Squash come in summer varieties like zucchini or pattypan, winter varieties like butternut, spaghetti, acorn and Hubbard. They are hardy, easy-to-grow plants and thrive when grown … Read more

Make Someone’s Day With A Batch Of Cupcakes!

The girls in the Food Is Love team at ?What If! believe that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. We also believe that good food helps create good ideas – not only is it hard going trying to work without a good breakfast in your tummy, but … Read more

Companion Plants: The Three Sisters

The three sisters planting method is an ancient and sustainable method of companion planting. Originating with Native Americans, the three sister’s method consists of planting of corn, beans, and squash in close proximity. All three of the plants are an essential part of the companion planting system. The corn provides … Read more

How to Make Your Own Tea

Camellia sinensis is the species of plant that true tea is made from. The Camellia plant, also known as tea plant, tea tree, and tea shrub, is used to make all varieties of non-herbal tea including green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong, and pu-erh tea. The specific tea variety … Read more