Outdoor Canvas Fabric

Canvas is used in so many things, it’s hard to think of all the things we depend on it for. Even for outdoor applications, which is only one portion of how we utilize this wonderful material, we find a wide range of places and ways in which canvas makes itself indispensible.

Canvas Fabric

As a lightweight material which is also high strength, canvas appears simple yet resists the elements like no other natural material. Cotton canvas fabric is the type that is normally used, and we will discuss first how it can be put to use around the home to beautify and improve our lives. Oftentimes, something as simple as a canvas awning can make a dramatic change in an outdoor space. Such a roof of fabric provides a simple roof overhead to shelter from light rain, falling leaves, and of course, the harsh rays of the midday sun. The great thing about canvas here is that it keeps your head covered while still allowing sunlight through. This light is flitered, so it provides illumination without overpowering or heating too much. A canvas roof is very pleasing and doesn’t require as much to set up as a normal roof, both in terms of time and materials required as well as money.

Outdoor Canvas Fabric

For a truly outdoor use, use canvas for your tent. A synthetic, lightweight material may be preferred for ultralight backpackers, but canvas is still going to be a lot better than these synthetic materials in terms of breathability and comfort. That’s why tents have been made of canvas for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Mongolians have certainly made good use of canvas, using it to cover their yurts. Nor have they seen the need to switch to other materials, choosing instead to stick to the tried and true, pure white canvas fabric that stands out beautifully against the pure blue sky. These canvas-covered homes resists the pounding heat of summer and the bitter cold and snow of the long Mongolian winter.

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