Make Someone’s Day With A Batch Of Cupcakes!

The girls in the Food Is Love team at ?What If! believe that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. We also believe that good food helps create good ideas – not only is it hard going trying to work without a good breakfast in your tummy, but there’s the fact that new and exciting foods can act as another great piece of stimulus to get your those brain cells pumping!

Food Is Love provides catering for clients at ?What If! and we try and make our food part of people’s great experience with us. Clients tell us that the food is something they always remember about ?What If? and that is something we think is key to a successful visit. We like to think that our special home cooking is part of what brings people back.

One of our special recipes we use which creates surprise and a good talking point are our special cupcakes we sometimes serve for afternoon tea, which you can see above. A nice little weekend project would be to download the recipe, and make them for your friends, family and colleagues!

These cupcakes are always a hit, and just one of the many great recipes we use to help keep clients happy. Enjoy.

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