Battery Operated Cars – A Wave of the Future or Passing Trend?

Electric cars have been lauded as successors to petrol-fueled vehicles for decades, but they’re still very much a niche product on our roads. Why, despite the investment from manufacturers such as Audi, Honda, Nissan are they still such a rarity? If you’ve seen electric cars on the road the first … Read more

Cob Ovens for Outdoor Eco Cooking

Have you ever fancied making a pizza or baking bread in your garden? A cob oven is a simple to build, highly efficient oven which you can build in your garden from material you probably already have in your yard. And it makes the best pizza and bread you’ve ever … Read more

The Current Status of Second Generation Biofuels

Biofuels are seen as one of the most feasible options for reducing carbon emissions and improving fuel efficiency for the typical lightweight car and truck. For heavy-duty vehicles, marine vessels and airplanes in particular, biofuels will play an increasing role to reduce carbon dioxide emissions since electric vehicles and fuel … Read more

Climate Change In South Africa

As with all countries, global warming has its effects on South Africa and due to climate change, increased temperatures and decreased rainfall are expected in South Africa. Societal changes will inevitably result from the environmental ones. Because of the existing ideal climate, South Africa is an agricultural country that greatly … Read more

Downcycling- Recycled Until Unusable

So just what is downcycling? Downcycling is what happens to many products when we recycle them; they’re turned into a material of lesser quality and value. So paper, which can be recycled up to about five times, is downcyled each time it’s recycled. It might start off as a high … Read more

Residential Solar Power Right for Your Home?

Solar panels are becoming increasingly common in domestic properties. Is it really possible to heat and light your house from the power of the sun alone? There are a variety of methods of collecting the sun’s heat. At its simplest, passive solar collects heat through your windows, walls and floors. … Read more

Climate Change Solutions: Grassroots and Geo-engineering

Global climate change in an accepted phenomenon by an international community of respected scientists. However, due to a vocal group of corporate interests and their enablers, climate change-deniers, concrete action to combat greenhouse gas production has been slow in coming. An international cap-and-trade system was on the table in climate … Read more

Ground Source Heating: A Warmly Welcomed Innovation

When we think about getting hear from the ground we probably imagine geothermal energy; large magma chambers miles underground powering geysers and hot springs, or being tapped to generate electricity through steam turbines. But living next to a volcano can be a risky proposition and might be seen as an … Read more

Domestic Wind Turbines for Homes

At first glance, a wind turbine on your roof or in your garden seems like a great idea. Wind is free; you can lower your carbon footprint; and you can reduce you electricity costs. Domestic wind turbines come in two flavours. Mast mounted sit on a mast or tower and … Read more

About Portable Solar Generators

We all like to escape from the city once in a while; head out to the hills or forest and get some peace and quiet. Then some guy turns up in an RV, hauls out his fridge and TV and starts up a portable diesel generator. So much for peace … Read more

Ethanol Fireplaces to Heat Your Home

Fireplaces have been used to heat homes and dwellings for thousands of years. As our understanding of technology expands, so do the ways which we use existing resources to help keep our environment clean and sustainable. More recently, the wood burning fireplace has expanding into using clean burning ethanol fuel. … Read more

How to Build a Clay Oven ( step by step )

Clay, or “earthen” ovens are simple in design. Using wood to fire them and the insulating properties of bricks and clay to absorb and then radiate heat, you can cook anything in an earthen oven that you could cook in a conventional oven. One easy and common thing to cook … Read more

What Are Renewable Energy Resources to Rely On?

‘Do as I say, not do as I do.’ Political instability in the Middle East, increasingly hard to extract fossil fuels, and fears around global warming mean governments are telling us to save energy, and the planet. But in the next 20 years energy consumption will increase by 60 percent … Read more

Nuclear Fusion – Energy’s Holy Grail

There’s a saying amongst nuclear physicists – ‘it’ll be 50 years before we crack nuclear fusion; and we’ve been saying it for the past 50 years’. This sums up the progress that has been made over the past decades in the search for energy’s Holy Grail. But finally progress is … Read more

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs have been growing in popularity as prices have come down, and energy prices increased. Traditional incandescent bulbs are being phased out in some countries so you won’t have any other option than to use them. How do they work, and what are their benefits? With a … Read more