Ethanol Fireplaces to Heat Your Home

Fireplaces have been used to heat homes and dwellings for thousands of years. As our understanding of technology expands, so do the ways which we use existing resources to help keep our environment clean and sustainable. More recently, the wood burning fireplace has expanding into using clean burning ethanol fuel.

A new and innovative design in home heating is the ethanol fireplace. This fireplace uses ethanol made from plants, namely corn. When ethanol is burned it does not release any toxic substances or smoke. Not only is this a new, clean, safe and pollution free way of heating your home, the features of design will benefit your family as well.

Ethanol fireplaces are very decorative and will add style to any room. There does not need to be an existing fireplace in the home to use one. Also, because they are portable, you can move them and use them in any room in the house. They are safe on carpets and near couches, you can even use them outside during parties. Ventilation isn’t needed and because there is no burning wood or coals, there are no burnt ashes or hot embers to worry about cleaning up.

Ethanol is made from plants and is also known ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol or simply alcohol. However, ethanol fireplaces use denatured alcohol which means that certain chemicals have been added to it to make it unsafe to consume. It is much cheaper to buy denatured alcohol than it is to buy pure ethanol so it makes sense to use for energy consumption.

Although denatured alcohol can be extinguished with water, it is always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in your home if you use a fireplace. It is also recommended that you never leave your fire place unattended. It is still a burning flame which will produce heat and make the fireplace itself hot to the touch. If you have pets or small children it would be wise to keep the fireplace out of reach to avoid accidents.

Ethanol fireplaces are designed to provide a cleaner and more sustainable way to heat your home. They are stylish and easy to maintain. A wide variety of designs are available, check with your local providers to see what is available in your area. -KATIE FLYNN

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