Your Top 10 Ways To Go Green

We are starting to become more aware of our environment and the impact our daily lives has on it. People say that they will change their ways, but when push comes to shove, no one really goes through with this promise.

The time to act is now and making changes will not only benefit your environment, but your pocket as well.

The first thing you can do is invest in energy efficient appliances like those that meet the requirements of Energy Star. This will reduce the amount of energy your household uses as well as the cost of the energy use of your home.

Second, start recycling. All of that paper and tin products that go through your home and office can be recycled. When you buy products, make sure that you can recycle it. Many packaging options are biodegradable and reusable.

Third, organise a carpool. This will reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change. By carpooling, you can also save on costs as money is divided among all of you. Otherwise, if you live close enough to your place of work or school, get on your bicycle. While you are at it, you will get that toned, healthy body as well. Another option is to make use of public transport.

Fourth, invest in alternative, eco-friendly energy. Buy solar panels and save in the long run on energy costs. Use things such as electric, tankless water heaters to save water and further reduce energy costs.

Low flow toilets and LEED certification for building projects are there to ensure the safety of the environment.

Start your own garden– be it vegetables, herbs or fruit, and become a little less reliant on supermarkets and conventional farming methods that is harmful to the soil and planet health on a long term basis.

Sixth, wear eco-friendly clothes. There are many products out there that are made in an eco-friendly way. Bamboo and organic cotton is not your only options.

Seventh, support local farms and businesses– supporting the surrounding communities that use cleaner technologies, not only keeps money in the same area making for a richer place, the quality of produce and product is generally higher.

Eighth, use recycled paper for your home and office needs. Do not print unimportant emails and documents.

Ninth, support sustainable development projects that has taken both the environment and communities into consideration. Of course support things such as farm cooperatives and free-range products, but also look into other venues- like Time Banks, community gardens, and Permaculture efforts and training.

And lastly, number 10- see the world and learn to appreciate it- step up to the plate and support eco-tourism in both your own state and country as well as in others. Experiencing different cultures and ways of life will enhance your appreciation of the planet where you live.

Always remember that if you do not change, the negative impact we have on the environment will not change.

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