VOC Free Paint and Natural Paint Alternatives

That new paint smell may be giving you more than a short-lived headache. Common household paints contain more than 300 known toxic chemicals including gas compounds, especially glycol ethers, which are emitted from wet and dry paint. These gas compounds are known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and contribute to … Read more

How is Biodiesel Made?

Biodiesel is an alternative fuel made from renewable sources. Compared to petroleum, it burns cleanly and can be burned by itself or combined with diesel to make a biodiesel/petroleum blend. It is derived from feedstocks such as soybeans, corn and sugarcane. Biodiesel Made There are several means of producing biodiesel, … Read more

Rainwater Harvesting Techniques Used for Homes

Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater; in countries or regions that have low rainfall it’s a significant method of supplementing water supplies. In many less developed societies rainwater is often the main source of drinking water,[1]so rainwater collection is vital. Catchment structures dating back to 3000 BC … Read more

Use Greywater Irrigation to Reduce Your Water Needs

Water is a precious resource, and not just in developing nations. the West coast of America regularly suffers drought conditions, Australia has only just emerged from a drought which lasted over a decade; and even in the UK, changing rainfall patterns have meant that parts of the SE England are … Read more

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a combination of the terms “permanent” and “agriculture”. It is a concept about approaching human agricultural systems and settlements as a part of the natural system and not in conflict with nature; imagine an edible and sustainable infrastructure. The goal of many people who practice permaculture design is … Read more

Alternative Fuels for Cars

As the demand for fossil fuels lessens, so does the negative impact on the environment that harvesting and using these resources produces. Although the economy has driven down the number of new cars being built, there is still a hefty car population that needs restructuring. Making personal transportation cleaner and … Read more

Types of Solar Cookers

Mention solar energy and we think about panels on our roof generating electricity or hot water. But have you ever thought about cooking with the heat of the sun’s rays? For many people in developing countries solar cookers are a cheap and practical alternative to cooking with other fuels. Solar … Read more

Residential Solar Power Right for Your Home?

Solar panels are becoming increasingly common in domestic properties. Is it really possible to heat and light your house from the power of the sun alone? There are a variety of methods of collecting the sun’s heat. At its simplest, passive solar collects heat through your windows, walls and floors. … Read more

Ground Source Heating: A Warmly Welcomed Innovation

When we think about getting hear from the ground we probably imagine geothermal energy; large magma chambers miles underground powering geysers and hot springs, or being tapped to generate electricity through steam turbines. But living next to a volcano can be a risky proposition and might be seen as an … Read more

Zeer Pot for Food Preservation

Many of the best eco trends are less about new technologies and more about reviving the innovative technologies that existed when civilizations thrived without depending on copious amounts of fuel. Did you know that there were actually ancient refrigerators that sufficed quite well in preserving food? Naturally, the still work … Read more

How to Use Rain Barrels Without Rain Gutters

Rain barrels are a fantastic and sustainable way to conserve water and to store and use rain water for gardening and landscaping. Most commercially available rain barrel systems integrate into a building’s existing rain gutter system and effectively collect the rainwater from the roof of the structure and funnel the … Read more