Why We Need Community Sustainability

The majority of the western world is not taught to be naturally self sufficient. Farmers are the lucky few who may have no trouble adapting to a post scarcity society. However farmers have been exploited, and are taught to maximize yields for profit at any cost. Also, commercially they only produce cash crops or livestock and generally have not been taught to be 100% self sufficient.

Community sustainability thrives in different forms, such as building a community garden

However, the food industry is not the only production industry to take control of our natural resources. Water and energy systems are farmed and sold as well and in just as many evasive ways as our food. Large corporations destroy ecosystems and pollute our world to make fuel. Fuel is used to produce almost everything your average person will ever buy on a daily basis. Other corporations support child labour to provide our clothes and shoes or other accessories. Children are put to work all over the world because their families are not capable or knowledgeable to be self sufficient and need currency to eat and live. The economy creates poverty world wide and the economy is not controlled by the majority. It is controlled through banks and corporations, all to produce as much of their product to meet the demands of the consumer. But who is the consumer to know any better?

The consumer is taught from very early in life that money is what is needed to make a living. So you can buy things that other people have provided for you. No where in the educational system is it ever taught that the Earth gives us everything we need to survive, and that if we share our resources with each other we can sustain a lifestyle without having to pay for the resources that will always be readily available to us naturally.

If communities pool together and begin providing for each other it would benefit everyone. This goes beyond a recycling and waste water program. This would be a truly sustainable community, where everyone would have access to food, water and energy at the most minimum cost. In a world where the economy still exists, it could mean a world of savings for the average middle class citizens to spend on travelling and education and overall betterment.

There are ways to live completely self sufficient on your own, but community sustainability makes more sense. It would make sure everyone is who isn’t physically, mentally or financially capable to be provided with basic needs and would give everyone the means to enjoy their hobbies and interests in life rather than only focusing on survival. It would also focus on ways in which our resources are not exploited, where renewable energy and organic farming are the norm. Plus it’s good to depend on one another. No one ever knows when emergencies or disasters will happen. If they do, it would be nice to know that your back is covered. -KATIE FLYNN



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