Use a Wormery to Produce High-Grade Fertilizer

You know the benefits of composting; reducing your waste, creating valuable fertile soil for your garden, as well as the fulfilment that comes along with watching waste naturally transform back to into a useable earth. If you do your composting at home then you know that without proper aeration of the compost then it takes a long time for it to turn into usable biomass. If you’re not interested in turning your compost regularly, or buying a revolving composter then you may want to incite the help of earth workers and start a wormery.

What is a wormery?

A wormery is a natural way to produce fertilizer with the aid of, yes, worms. Dirt and worms. Didn’t think that was so special? Well, in an era where commercialized food crops are increasingly lacking nutrients due to large scale mismanagement of soil, industry may be finding itself looking at the dirt to find some answers. Little creepy crawlers may just be the necessary tools. Wormery is a natural fertilizer production system that is overseen by humans to essentially convert trash and waste into compost. Vermiculture is another term for this process, which is composting with worms.

Nearly 30 percent of today’s trash could have been used in compost systems where it is naturally converted into rich and fertile soil. Just thirty percent of nature’s finest fertilizer would go a long way in helping grow food across the country, without relying on short term, chemical and hadzardous material. However, a wormery goes farther than it’s possible solutions for commercial crops, indeed worm bins can be kept inside without any odor and do their work quietly, leaving you dirt rich with nutrients to use on your own food garden, flowers, trees or houseplants.

Talk about sustainable- worms are excellent reproducers. Just 500 worms will multiply into a near 9,000 within a year. If they overload your worm bin, you can simply set them free outside where they will continue to till and nourish the earth with their droppings. Without worms, and other small organisms who are the true workers, our soil would be hard, impenetrable and unable to support life.

That said there are a few variety of worms that really pull their weight and are known as the “composter” worms who are the stars in verminculture. Namely they are called; the Reds, Blues and Tigers. The other “earthworker” worms do best in a natural habitat, not necessarily in a man made composting system.

A wormery can be simple, and a super effective way to build up the soil for a productive garden.

To start your own compost system for your house or maybe as a business idea, it really does not take much. Kits are available online as well as a wealth of information from tenured vermiculturists. Basically what you will need is a suitable container, or worm bin with a tier system where the water from the dirt can be distributed and captured without distributing the worms. You will also need to commit to feeding them your food scraps, such as coffee grinds, egg shells, fruits and vegetable leftovers. Your waste after all is what they will convert into top biomass.

Wormery could mean big business if it was properly utilized in larger operations with regular buyers. Equally important and perhaps more influential is setting up a worm bin in your own home. Not only will you be making precious organic matter, your children can have great fun doing it. Plus you literally be positively be adding to the environment as well.

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