Seven Golden Rules for Relevant Customer Experiences in China

China is a developing consumerist market. Compared to more developed Asian markets, brand literacy is lower and consumers’ expectation of experiences is more functional. In this environment, companies need to execute the basics superbly well. This adds value for consumers and only once this initial hurdle is passed can you … Read more

The Magical Mystery Tour Bus

We’ve all had those inductions from Hell, where you spend the first few days of a new job being told how to use your chair properly and which way to feed stuff into the photocopier. That’s why we like doing things a little differently at ?What If! – we send … Read more

Do We Have To Hate Them?

I bumped into a couple of guys from Clear last week. I met them at a leaving party for Caroline Clark, who is leaving Sara Lee after 20 years. Anyway, I spent most of the evening talking to Jonathan and Steven from Clear. I wasn’t planning on liking them, being … Read more

Taking Out The Logo-Covered Trash

Over at Signal Vs. Noise they’ve got an interesting little thing on airlines making small tweaks for huge impact, which reminded me of a story we heard from Southwest Airlines … Collecting empty cups after a landing, flight attendant Rhonda Holley noticed Southwest’s logo printed on the plastic trash bag. … Read more

The Two Most Popular Brands Of Folding Camp Chairs

As with most family activities during the summer season, camping in the great outdoors is one activity that can strengthen the family ties. Not only that, the whole family could get to experience a wholesome adventure that will surely be cherished for long. However though, a family camping trip needs … Read more

Do People Even Use Filofaxes Anymore?

I saw a huge Filofax display in a shop recently and those questions have not left my mind since. In an age when personal planning is done on Google Calendar, Blackberries, mobile phones, in Entourage and Outlook and myriad other places which at least promise some connectivity, what is the … Read more

The Hierarchy Of Tweets – Analysing The Psychology of Twitter

Ever noticed the number of people using Twitter to tell you about what they’re eating? I was wondering exactly that last week, and my thoughts led me back to an early A-Level Psychology class from 10 years ago. Back in 1943, Abraham Maslow was studying what motivates people and how … Read more