The Two Most Popular Brands Of Folding Camp Chairs

As with most family activities during the summer season, camping in the great outdoors is one activity that can strengthen the family ties. Not only that, the whole family could get to experience a wholesome adventure that will surely be cherished for long. However though, a family camping trip needs a great deal of preparation. There are so many things to put into the camping provisions list. If the family has an RV or a camper, then that list might get bigger. But one thing that a camping trip can’t do without is the folding camp chair. This type of folding chair, by far, considered an essential for camping. Well, we can always go out without one, but would we want our family be uncomfortable when camping? Certainly not, and that’s where such chair can become essential.

Folding camping chairs have been a big help to campers wherever they may be. For one, these chairs provide a comfortable seating solution even in the remote wilderness. They are durable, lightweight, easy to pack, and very affordable. However, with dozens of brands in which these chairs come under, there are two camping chair brands that have stood out among the rest – Travel Chair and Alps Mountaineering. These two brands have been popular because of their highly durable and affordable camp chairs.

Camping chairs of the Travel Chair brand come are very lightweight yet durable enough to sustain long periods of seating even with a bulky individual. These chairs’ configurations are typically made of sturdy tubular frames and high quality nylon fabric materials that serve as the backrest, arm rest and seat pan. In some models, the arm rests even have built-in cup and beverage holders. The selling prices of these chairs can range between $42 up to $65 depending on their features.

Alps Mountaineering camping folding chairs, although priced higher than Travel Chair in most of its models, are also popular for their durability and unique designs. Reinforced fabric materials are used as the back rests and seat pans while high quality alloys are used in their tubular frames. What’s so appealing about the Alps Mountaineering brand is many of its designs are loaded with convenience features. Prices can range between $68 up to $160 dollars.

Whichever you may choose, both brands are usually available in dozens of trusted online sellers. However, if you prefer to buy them the old traditional way, you can always visit a major furniture store, outdoor shops such as Cabela’s, and even Walmart. Most often than not, these stores have both brands in stock.

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