The Volcano Stove – Something for Everyday Use

The volcano stove is a revolutionary stove that can be used in more than one way. Such multi-functionality makes it a great tool. Although, traditionally embraced by by campers, you have nothing to lose by incorporating its use in at home, especially in a household that strives to be more self-sufficient and eco-friendly.

US Forest Service sponsors Dutch oven cooking classes show here, heated by a volcano stove

It works with one of three ‘fuels’ and you can choose the one you feel is most appropriate and environmentally sound. The ‘fuels’ usable includes charcoal, wood and propane.

The amount of charcoal you will use will not cause a notable amount of damage to your environment. Though not ideal, it is relatively cheap and you can find it just about anywhere.

Propane is environmentally friendly and if you are an American, it is locally produced. This means no harsh import costs. This gas is also widely used and some air conditioners, water heaters, generators and furnaces. It is almost half the cost of electricity so, you will save a little.

Personally I would prefer using wood harvested in an environmentally sound and from sustainable sources. It causes very little harm to the environment and you can use the ash for various things around the house. From polishing silver and cleaning water marks on wood, ash is very useful thing to have around the house.

The advantages of the volcano stove are not only that you will save money on your electricity bill, but it is an environmentally sound decision to make.

Take it on your camping trips and picnics to make your cooking experience a little more convenient. It is safer as there are no open fires. The stove also collapses and takes very little space so you can store it in a kitchen cupboard and easily take it with you on camping trips.

Do not think that the use of a volcano stove will limit you to only grilling. Newer models allow you to use pots, pans, woks and even Dutch ovens. Some even stack pots and food is cooked perfectly. There are no limitations on the food or the amount of food you can cook.

Accessories are also available, turning your volcano grill into a convectional oven. The ‘Lid’ is more of a heat resistant ‘curtain’ that surrounds the stove and circulates heat around it.

This stove is relatively cheap and using it will also not cost you a fortune. It is strong and is built to last, so durability is a guarantee. -ANNABEL SCHOEMAN

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