How To Stop Global Warming: Small, Significant Things You Can Do

You might think that stopping climate change is not a one man job and you are right, it isn’t. But this does not mean that your efforts are utterly useless.

How to stop global warming?

One of the first steps you can take is becoming a little more self sustainable. Start a vegetable garden in your back yard. It really does not need to be a full scale agricultural project – just enough for your family.

Support environmentally friendly initiatives and products. Look at organic food products and clothing. There are many suppliers of natural, eco-friendly products out there. Just open your eyes and look for them.

Start recycling. All those newspapers, scrap paper and magazines can be recycled. While you are busy, recycle all your cans and glass garbage as well. Reuse and upcycle clothing. If you do not want to, remember that materials can also be recycled.

Your old CDs and tapes as well as cereal boxes can be recycled. Use kitchen scraps to make composts heaps and plant a tree. It won’t hurt you know.

Use energy efficient appliances like those that meet the Energy Star requirements. Replace your light bulbs with energy efficient ones and, if you are not using it, turn it off. Invest and incorporate solar energy and save some money while you are at it.

Carpooling is another great way of reducing emissions and saving on costs as well. Walk or even get on your bicycle.

We need to step away from energy derived from the burning of fossil fuels. The less we are able to rely on these fuels, the better for the environment.

More investment and trust should be placed in renewable energy. The same goes for food. Agricultural projects are popping up all over which use only natural methods to produce healthy, organic produce.

Supporting local farms and Farm Cooperatives can help to not only boost small, ‘cleaner farms’, but save money as well. By buying locally, you are making a positive change that benefits the environment.

Instead of turning to chemicals to solve your pest problems, use natural products. Some fly traps are so easy to make that you can do it at home. The same goes for other harmful chemicals such as bleach. Make a switch.

No matter how small your actions might seem today, I can assure you that every single thing you do to protect the environment, will help. -ANNABEL SCHOEMAN

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