What is Spring Water?

Spring water, ahh, the natural beauty bubbling from the Earth’s ground. Often associated with myths and folklore, springs are welcomed on any landscape for providing a fresh and delicious source of potable water. What is spring water really? Is the stuff in bottles truly from a spring? Is there environmental harm caused by the spring water industry?

Spring water, as you guessed is potable water sourced straight from the earth. In comparison to other drinking waters that have been purified to make safe and contain other chemicals, spring water is pure and has its own unique set of minerals unique to its place and history. More simply, spring water is unspoiled and untainted and it’s taste reflects that. In most cases spring water is bottled on location. More recently with the Western growth in demand for bottled waters, spring water has become more desired and available throughout the world.

Don’t confuse mineral water with spring water. The difference between mineral water and spring water is that mineral water has had minerals added to it, or naturally contain a high level of dissolved mineral solids, while spring water contains only trace amounts of minerals that occurred naturally. Mineral water is more robust, and heavy in taste compared to spring water that is generally light and refreshing.

Since spring water is more ubiquitous, spring water can be found in most stores and used for home use for certain foods where a higher quality of the water is desirable, such as in tea, coffee or soups.

What is spring water? Bottled spring water

In the United States, if the bottle is labeled “spring water” then the water truly must be from a spring. Keep in mind several factors when downing your delicious spring water, such as the efficacy of its taste and the ethics of its sourcing. First when spring water is packed and stored in plastic bottles, a subtle change in its taste will occur and it takes on that plastic taste. Storing spring water in glass bottles is the best way to keep the taste pure plus you’ll be relying less on plastic which is great for the environment. However, glass bottles is not in the profit interests of large companies whose purpose lies in the bottom line and not their product.

Due to the high profit margins in reselling water, springs around the world are often being depleted at high rates with no look to the future. Just because the water tastes better, it is not a good enough reason to support a corporation depleting an ancient spring in someone’s backyard to fill up your glass. Learn to reduce your water use around the home and save spring water for times when you need it most from an company that ethically and sustainably sources spring water. -BEN TERRINGTON

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