Tiny Houses: Beloved by People and Planet

People are finding ways to cut back on spending, and eliminate some of the expenses of paying bills. They are taking on newer building projects that will save then hundreds of dollars per month in living expenses. One such project is the building of small, cheap, eco friendly homes. These homes are very efficient and have all the comforts of a large size house. Tiny houses are so simple to build that one person can build it alone, without any help. It is perfect for people who know how to entertain themselves. It is most definitely suitable for someone who wants to experience living a green lifestyle. These eco houses only contain the essentials, but for many that is not only enough, it is preferred.

Jay Schafer of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

These small size houses are perfect for someone who may want cut costs, leave a smaller environmental footprint, relocate to another state, or may enjoy traveling for extended periods and not worry about house maintenance. They are easy to transport and can be placed on a trailer bed, or they can be towed by a truck.

Individuals who are not married or do not have any kids may particularly find this style of living cheap and economically satisfying. The house can sit on a small amount of land and uses a fraction of energy most houses use. The best factor about building one of these homes is you can make it as simple or as luxurious as you want it. How you want to live is totally up to you.

Some homeowners can make their tiny house into a completely off the grid home- put in a few solar panels and some more “green” equipment and they are able to live a simple and easy life. They have a generator that is able to collect energy and store it for later use. This will usually mean using solar- electrical panels or maybe some wind generators or both and some sort of power watering system to generate electricity. The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting what you need to be comfortable into place. In the event that the generator does not work or the sun just do not want to cooperate there is also a energy storage system that is easy to create.

Tiny houses help enable people to live how and where they want

Houses can be built to accommodate two people as well as one. These eco friendly homes are perfect for work crews work out of state and wants to cut back on hotel fees. This is by far the cheapest way to live state to state without paying high rental fees.

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