The Magical Mystery Tour Bus

We’ve all had those inductions from Hell, where you spend the first few days of a new job being told how to use your chair properly and which way to feed stuff into the photocopier. That’s why we like doing things a little differently at ?What If! – we send all new people to The Academy, where they spend a week working around different areas of business, learning what everyone does, and how it all holds together.

The Academy culminates with the Magic Bus Tour, where our founders Matt and Dave take all the newbies on a guided tour of the history of the ?What If! along with the highs, the lows, and many tales to be told in between.

So on Friday afternoon you’d line up behind the lovely Pav (seen above) and jump on a bus to take in the sights of the first office, have a cup of tea in the cafe where clients were first won over, take a wander around Primrose Hill and hear stories of 90’s Britpop escapades, and (most importantly) retire for a drink in the old “post work drinking hole”.

Stories are shared through the day, so even those brand new to the company can get a feel of where we’ve been, and with a informal drink with Matt and Dave at the end of the day they can also figure out where ?What If! are going next.

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