What is Greywater?

The definition of greywater is (excuse the pun) something of a grey area. The Environment Agency in the UK describes it as ‘wastewater from showers, baths, washbasins, washing machines and kitchen sinks.’ Some exclude washing machine and kitchen sink water, or call it ‘dark grey water’, but as long as … Read more

Types of Solar Cookers

Mention solar energy and we think about panels on our roof generating electricity or hot water. But have you ever thought about cooking with the heat of the sun’s rays? For many people in developing countries solar cookers are a cheap and practical alternative to cooking with other fuels. Solar … Read more

Residential Solar Power Right for Your Home?

Solar panels are becoming increasingly common in domestic properties. Is it really possible to heat and light your house from the power of the sun alone? There are a variety of methods of collecting the sun’s heat. At its simplest, passive solar collects heat through your windows, walls and floors. … Read more

Ground Source Heating: A Warmly Welcomed Innovation

When we think about getting hear from the ground we probably imagine geothermal energy; large magma chambers miles underground powering geysers and hot springs, or being tapped to generate electricity through steam turbines. But living next to a volcano can be a risky proposition and might be seen as an … Read more

Zeer Pot for Food Preservation

Many of the best eco trends are less about new technologies and more about reviving the innovative technologies that existed when civilizations thrived without depending on copious amounts of fuel. Did you know that there were actually ancient refrigerators that sufficed quite well in preserving food? Naturally, the still work … Read more

Domestic Wind Turbines for Homes

At first glance, a wind turbine on your roof or in your garden seems like a great idea. Wind is free; you can lower your carbon footprint; and you can reduce you electricity costs. Domestic wind turbines come in two flavours. Mast mounted sit on a mast or tower and … Read more

Project Natal Details and Information

Are you chomping at the bit for the next big innovation in video games? Well, Project Natal is an upcoming accessory for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, that will take motion control of video games to a new level. Instead of pushing buttons on a controller, or even waving a control around … Read more

The Future of Social Networks?

I’ve been speaking with various people lately about how social networking has developed. Here’s one take on the matter. First, people connected with people from their past (such as Friends Reunited or Reunion.com). That’s interesting but only for a bit until the curiosity factor wears off. There aren’t many reasons … Read more

Nuclear Fusion – Energy’s Holy Grail

There’s a saying amongst nuclear physicists – ‘it’ll be 50 years before we crack nuclear fusion; and we’ve been saying it for the past 50 years’. This sums up the progress that has been made over the past decades in the search for energy’s Holy Grail. But finally progress is … Read more

How IT Training Courses Can Help You Land A New Job

IT training courses that offer certificates are a great way to boost your resume before your next set of job applications. Although degrees and actual real life experience are more important than certificates are, certificates can be a great way to supplement any IT resume. When looking for different certificates … Read more

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs have been growing in popularity as prices have come down, and energy prices increased. Traditional incandescent bulbs are being phased out in some countries so you won’t have any other option than to use them. How do they work, and what are their benefits? With a … Read more