Using Effective Soil Conservation Methods

Soil Conservation – Using Effective Soil Conservation Methods

There are many causes of soil erosion and fortunately, there are many soil conservation methods available to help deal with the issue. Quite naturally over time some soil erosion is expected. Particularly due to the natural changes that occur within nature. Each time a natural economic system is altered, especially in the area of agriculture the land erodes or loses its effectiveness. As soil sediments are removed from the ground and are carried away by gravitational forces, rain, or wind, the result will always end in an erosion build up. The tougher the weather conditions are the higher the amount of eroding. Areas like low lying valleys and gulleys make growing plants nearly impossible. It is also a danger to houses, buildings, lands and streets.

Soil Conservation Methods

The removal of subsurface soil can be found in areas where tunnel erosions are possible. Tunnel erosions also involve places where excessive water such as flooding is a huge problem. Areas which are at the greatest risks are those where fresh plants once resided. Low lying areas are definitely subject to erosion, as the areas are not able to drain or dry out as most areas. Wind erosion is another contributing factor or cause of soil erosion, as top soil scalding makes it virtually impossible for growing or gardening plants.

In a response to land erosion and the many problems it can cause, scientist has come up with effective soil conservation methods. The methods involve using alternate management techniques to prevent soil eroding and contamination from destroying the ground’s surface. It is an environmental science project that deals with the interaction between humans and the various elements such as the atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, and other natural or chemical intrusions or pollutants.

Terrace farming

The prevention methods mostly used are the contour farming technique and the terracing technique. The contouring practice or method involves forming plowed rows of slopes with high rise areas that allows the water to run off the top, and preventing water to remain stagnant. This method was first introduced by the Phoenicians and become widely used across the Mediterranean area. On the other hand, the Roman indulged in the straight furrow cultivation process, which later gained popularity in Britain and Europe.

Terrace farming is another prevention method that is currently used in areas hills and mountains are obviously present in abundance. Terracing has been in existence for more than a thousand years and is still considered to be one of the most effective ways to reduce or eliminate soil erosion.

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