Prefab Green Homes – The Way To Future Sustainability And Environmental Responsibility

Green homes are the way to the future and are characterized by an environmental approach to the design, construct and resources used in building and renovating houses. As natural resources are becoming more valuable in society’s eyes so too are natural homes. Eco prefab homes are also increasing in popularity due to a variety of factors.

Prefab green homes are homes built with the environment and the impact construction and sustainability has on the environment, in mind. Prefab homes, or prefabricated homes, are homes made before construction starts. This means that a wall is built and complete when it arrives on the building site.

Prefab homes are growing more beautiful and green! Image: A green prefab home by Method Homes.

Green prehab homes are intended to be more energy efficient than regular homes and use technologies available to reduce the use of energy and thus reduce the cost and environmental impact of maintaining a home.

Bamboo is one natural material used in the construction of prefab homes and it is done for various reasons including the fact that bamboo grows at not only a fast rate, but is cultivated without using dangerous chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. Replacing wood with sustainably grown bamboo is eco-friendly, but also an effective way of conserving our wood resources and forests. Bamboo is also a very strong material and it is shown that termites do not attack even untreated bamboo. This, as you can imagine, does reduce maintenance costs. The use of bamboo also improves the indoor air quality of homes, thus producing a healthier environment for you and your family.

Method Homes, a custom green prefab company, for example produces less than 10% of recycled waste when production takes place within their factories. This is huge compared to the estimated 30% of waste when conventional construction takes place on the building site. Method Homes combine their Energy Star approved products to the construction of their prefab homes, making their processes not only energy efficient, but environmentally friendly as well. They also strive for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, ensuring you that their processes of production and construction has all aspects of the environment and the future impact on the environment at heart.

With energy efficiency comes the reduction of costs for the owner. It is only logical that using less energy in and around your home, will end up financially benefitting you.

So, if you are looking to save money and time on construction and maintenance, or if you are looking for ways to do your part in being environmentally responsible, you might want to consider a prefab green home. -Annabel Schoeman

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