Planting Strawberries for Natural Home Remedies

Planting Strawberries for Natural Home Remedies. The benefits of eating strawberries regularly are many.

The great thing about planting strawberries is that they will flourish in potted plants, so you can grow them anywhere. They are very hardy plants and will survive through harsh conditions. Although the most important thing to remember is that they get enough water when the strawberries start to form, it helps the plant grow luscious fruit.

So you may be thinking, why strawberries? The benefits of eating strawberries regularly are many.

Healthy Snack

Strawberries, a fresh healthy snack, can help you lose weight by turning them rather than a candy bar for a sweet snack. Do not overlook this fruit when thinking of what you are going to provide to yourself and your family as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Teeth Whitening

Strawberries can supposedly help whiten teeth. Fruits containing malic acid can help remove stains from teeth. Just mush up the strawberry and add a bit of baking soda and you’ve made your own natural whitening toothpaste. However, it is not a remedy to be used daily. Malic acid as well as baking soda can wear away your enamel if overused. A few days of use is all you need to see some results. Although it is not recommended for people with soft enamel or sensitive teeth.

Natural Laxative

Another ailment that strawberries offer a good home remedy to is constipation. Strawberries are a laxative. That is why it is best to savour a only a few at each meal. But when the time calls for it, you may benefit from overeating a delicious basket of strawberries.

Helps Gout

Strawberries are also a great natural remedy for protection against gout attacks. Because they are so high in Vitamin C they reduce uric acid up to 10-15 %. A body that produces too much uric acid will develop periodic inflammatory arthritis attacks that swell the joints and make them tender, swollen and red. Strawberries will offer relief to these sufferers.

There are many reasons why you should plant strawberries when you want to produce a fruit that will sustain your good health. It is with good cause that they are referred to as the cleansing fruit. If you freeze some of your strawberry yield you could have the juicy red fruit all year round. Sounds like a good deal! -KATIE FLYNN

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