Ostrich Farming: The Advantages of the Flightless Bird

Ostriches are farmed in over 100 countries and, when you look at the benefits of ostrich farming, it is clear why.

Ostriches require less maintenance and less feed. They are free roaming and, as humans, we can get quite a few necessities from these birds.

First of all, they are a source of meat. Thanks to their size, you can imagine that it is quite a lot more meat than a chicken. Its meat is also of high quality and contains a high amount of protein.

Another product we do get from these birds is feathers. Feathers are used in a variety of ways, including feather dusters as well as clothing and decorations.

After its first four months of life, the ostrich become less work and these birds are considered environmentally friendly. These animals feed to weight ratio is excellent, reaching a four to one ratio when it is fully grown.

They survive on soybeans, wheat and alfalfa, while clean water should always be available.

Ostrich farmers are the leaders of sustainability as their livelihood comes from resources that are sustained by the animal itself.

Also, many farmers opt not to give their birds any steroids or other hormones. These animals are also not force fed and is basically left to their own devices, being able to move around freely.

This bird can also supply in some of our human needs. Because ostriches are free-range and, when bred without antibiotics and steroids, you know that the meat has no nasty secrets. Ostrich meat is also lower in fat and thus a healthier choice.

In the end, when an ostrich is slaughtered, depending on the farm, ever part can be used. The skin is turned to leather which in turn is used in the production of wallets, handbags and other leather products.

Even the eggs are used, either as food or for breeding purposes.

Because so many people are fascinated by the ostrich, many ostrich farms have seized this opportunity and uses the birds as a natural attraction. It is a beautiful creature and it is most definitely something you should see with your own two eyes.

I must admit that there is nothing quite like its snake-like neck and bushy body. Actually standing in front of one will make you realize why a single kick from this bird can easily seriously wound a human. Maybe this is one reason why people better enjoy ostriches in their burgers. -ANNABEL SCHOEMAN

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