It’s All About Organic Fashion Baby

Everyone is going organic and this includes our fashion industries. I don’t mean PETA and actors and actresses opting not to wear endangered animals over their shoulders. No, this is real organic fashion that has hit the world by storm.

Clothes and accessories made from bamboo are gaining popularity as people are starting to look for an alternative, more eco-friendly way of dressing.

Organic Fashion Baby

Bamboosa, an American manufacturer, is only one of the producers of bamboo clothing and is also Green America approved. These clothing includes a range for men, women as well as babies and toddlers.

Bamboo clothing

Bamboo clothing is made of either only bamboo products or a blend of bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo has a fast growth rate and has become a renewable source we can use in our every day needs. Even what remains of the bamboo after what is needed is extracted, is reused and recycled.

Organic fashion

Organic fashion might seem like a fad that will soon pass, but when you look at what organic fashion really means, you will understand that this is a concept that needs our support. Organic fashion is about both social and environmental responsibility.

Designers all around the globe is stepping up to the plate and starting to use materials that are organic and eco-friendly. They realize that what they design and present, has an impact not only in terms of fashion, but social development and environmental awareness as well.

The cultivation and processes used to produce cotton for example, uses pesticides and fertilizers whereas organic cotton uses neither of these and has thus become a viable option for fashion designers and producers.

Even scraps of materials can be recycled and reused. These pieces of leftover materials are reduced back into fibers and then used to make things such as yarn.

The London College of Fashion has even gone as far as to sustainable fashion design to their postgraduate curriculum, allowing students to incorporate design while keeping the environment and the influence they have on it, in mind.

There are hundreds of eco-friendly brands out there and the United States boasts with over 40 brands alone. These brands include BOA, Fair Indigo and Manimal. Their products are trendy and have done minimal, if no, harm to our environment.

Do your research, buy in an environmentally aware state of mind and help to reduce the pressure we put onto our planet. After all, we are the ones that have to live and breathe here. -ANNABEL SCHOEMAN

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