Green Modular Homes Growing in Design Diversity

Although many find a modern home style to be visually pleasing, many others find the minimal clean lines unappealing and one characteristic that has prevented some people from purchasing an eco-friendly modular home. Thanks to popular demand, the design styles are expanding beyond a modern “efficient.”

When most people think of modular homes a vision of a modernistic angular box house usually comes to mind, even the”green” modular homes bear this visual connotation. The reason lies in the common designs of manufactured homes, that meet all building codes. Modular homes, although manufactured, can be more customized to the location and desires of the homeowner. Thus, a variety of designs are available, not just modern.

A modular home in typical modern design.

However, not all eco modular homes are modernistic in design. American Home Sales and New World Homes are small companies located in the United States that specialize in constructing environmentally friendly modular homes that do not look like box homes. Their home designs are inspired by historic and regional designs such as craftsman, cottage, cape style, and southern plantations. Looking at these designs it is nearly impossible to see these as the typical “prefab modular home.” These eco modular homes range in size, from as little as 400 square feet to several thousand square feet.

These eco modular homes embrace green building principles including energy efficiency, water conservation, use of renewable and sustainable building materials, energy efficient design, compact construction, and use of material that enhances indoor air quality such as low- and non-VOC paints, glues, and calking.

These green, or eco modular homes provide benefits to the individual as well as to the global population. For example, homes that are built for energy efficiency can save the individual money by reducing utility bills and reducing maintenance and helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses. Integration of water conservation techniques such as rain barrels, rain chains, and efficient appliances help save on water bills and help ensure clean water remains a sustainable resource.

In contrast, here a “green” modular home is in old world style from New World Home company.

The advantage of the modular home is that they are pre-constructed in a central location with efficient building techniques. Modular homes use an engineered approach to produce houses in a more efficient and cost effective method. Instead of the old-fashioned construction method, (stick-built) most of the work is pre-fabricated at an off-site climate controlled factory. This also reduces any potential delays from weather or other weather related problems. In addition, small modular homes prices also tend to remain low relative to new construction homes and for this reason are great for vacation homes, as a new addition to a piece of property, for people on a budget or first-time buyers.

If you have had experience with an eco modular home or green manufactured home please share in the comments section for readers. -KATHY FAIRCHILD

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