How Can We Recycle Cardboard?

Cardboard comes as the packaging and shipment container from almost all the goods we buy. Your food and all other home and personal products, (unless bout locally or directly) utilizes cardboard to help get the product to you. At this time, cardboard is considered one of the biggest singular components … Read more

How to Save Water at Home

Water is a precious resource, without it life would cease. People like to see water around them, flowing in a fountain in a yard or hear the waves at the beach. The Romans went to great lengths to direct water into their cities’ centers for the public baths. Yet today, … Read more

Water Conservation- Key to Reforestation

For most of my life I thought reforestation was an effort led by tree planting. The concept seemed straightforward; cut trees need to be replaced. Certainly this is how the timber companies do it in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. But what happens if the landscape habitat is … Read more

Sustainable Packaging: Making A Difference?

Sustainable packaging design is one viable way of providing packaging that is environmentally smart and responsible. Ideally, minimal to no packaging is ideal, but not always practical. So alternatively, choosing carefully choosing packaged products for purchase can make a difference in how we preserve our resources. Sustainable packaging, like the … Read more