DLGuard Review – Automate Download Sales Software For Webmasters

This DLGuard review focuses on how this entry level sales software tool specializes in automating the payment processing and distribution of digital products (ebooks, software, MP3s, etc).

DLGuard has existed for a number of years now and been popular with webmasters looking for a cost effective product for selling online. The products scripts provide a fully functional shopping cart, payment processing and auto-reply emails to customers.

The cart has all the standard features of a cart and can handle single or multiple sales (i.e. a shopping basket) along with membership sales. Most webmasters customize the products PHP scripts to make all checkout forms and screens seen by customers look like their own website.

The payment processing can automate secure communications with several vendors (Clickbank, ebay, Paypal, etc.) and the regular product updates add to the supported list as new vendors appear.

DLGuards strength though is how it secures download links. After a sale is made, and an email sent to the customer with their download link, it is possible with DLGuard to configure how many download attempts can be made with the link along with an expiration time for the link. This halts the vast majority of link-sharing hacks that digital sales are prone to experiencing.

One limitation that may halt some webmasters though is the two web domain limit on the product. This means one product license only permits its installation & usage on two web domains. Webmasters managing several sites (the norm) would need to purchase several licenses or choose to have a designated sales server and redirect sales from all their servers to this single site.

For anyone writing ebooks or software that they wish to independently sell online from their own domain then DLGuard will make an easy to use and secure product to start with. It is however competing with the large online sales services which have large volumes of visitors, so if your website receives low traffic volumes then it may be better to go with the online services.

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