High Tunnel Farming for Year Round Growing

High tunnel farming is one thoughtful solution to the more traditional methods of growing fruits and vegetables around the seasonal change in weather. Historically, farmers lost a lot of their crops due to changes in the weather conditions, such as a early frost; for the farmer this meant that bills … Read more

The Unbelievable Do It Yourself Portable Shower

The first time I read this headline, I had this image of a makeshift shower with a plastic bag for water, trapped in my mind. I started to imagine how such a contraption might work and even came up with a few designs myself. Much to my surprise, the image … Read more

Sustainable Homes Are Not McMansions

I live in a post-World War II home constructed in 1948. It is relatively simple and small compared to modern American standards. It is 1,700 square feet and perfect for our family of four. Sustainable Homes My mother lives in a 7,000 square ginormous home with six bedrooms, a four … Read more

Agriculture Tools Every Homesteader Should Know

We’re all familiar with a rake, a wheelbarrow, a shovel (or at least I hope you are). They are some classic gardening tools. But when I say “rake,” maybe I envision a broad, plastic leaf rake and you think of a metal one. Flatheaded shovel or rounded? There are so … Read more

Cob Ovens for Outdoor Eco Cooking

Have you ever fancied making a pizza or baking bread in your garden? A cob oven is a simple to build, highly efficient oven which you can build in your garden from material you probably already have in your yard. And it makes the best pizza and bread you’ve ever … Read more

The Screw Pump: An Archimedes’ Invention Still in Use Today

Archimedes of Syracuse was an ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, invetor, and astronomer. He is typically regarded as one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity. He is most known for his explanation of the principle of the lever and for the first theoretical calculation of the value of pi … Read more

Sustainable Building Design: A Brief Overview

Sustainable building is a growing movement. Its goals are to design and construct buildings that are resource-efficient throughout the lifespan of the building, from planning to construction and, eventually, to demolition. Green buildings must also account for utility, comfort and other normal aspects of building design. Sustainable building may also … Read more

Design an Herb Container Garden

Container gardening is great if you do not have any land to plant a garden or you just wish to add some texture and beauty to an area. An easy, healthy, and sustainable set of plants to grow in containers are herbs. They come in all shapes, sizes, and variety … Read more

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If you have a backyard covered in grass, it may look a little boring. While large, grassy yards were once a sign of opulence and wealth, they’ve become something of a suburban paradigm. While large, grassy areas are fun to run around in, or entertain on, adding some biodiversity and … Read more

Ethanol Fireplaces to Heat Your Home

Fireplaces have been used to heat homes and dwellings for thousands of years. As our understanding of technology expands, so do the ways which we use existing resources to help keep our environment clean and sustainable. More recently, the wood burning fireplace has expanding into using clean burning ethanol fuel. … Read more

How to Build a Clay Oven ( step by step )

Clay, or “earthen” ovens are simple in design. Using wood to fire them and the insulating properties of bricks and clay to absorb and then radiate heat, you can cook anything in an earthen oven that you could cook in a conventional oven. One easy and common thing to cook … Read more