Best Refrigerator under 15000 in India 2020

There are tons of factors to consider when shopping for a refrigerator. The features, model and configurations have to be right and suit the family needs. The price also determines the kind of refrigerator to purchase. However, there are best refrigerators under the 15000 INR price in India. The appliances are from the best and recognized brands in the world.  Notably, there are different brands to pick from in the market. The fear of selecting the model and missing out on the best refrigerator is overwhelming.

Best Refrigerator under 15000

Nonetheless, in this article, we look at the best refrigerators with great features and which are pocket friendly—thus serving a great purpose to both big and small families—a guarantee of long life span and warranties for the refrigerators.  Get the distinct information of what makes the best under 15000 refrigerators stand out.  Why buy the selected brands and the services they will provide.

7 TOP Refrigerator (Fridge) under 15000 in India 2020

Best Refrigerator NameBee Star RatingOnline Buy Links
1. Whirlpool 190 L3 star direct cold single door refrigeratorBuy Now
2. Godrej 185L single door refrigeratorBuy Now
3. LG 190 L4 star direct cool single door refrigerator GL-B201ABPX.ABPZEBNBuy Now
4. Haier 195 L single door refrigeratorBuy Now
5. Samsung 212 L direct cold single door refrigerator.Buy Now
6. Whirlpool 185 L single door refrigeratorBuy Now
7. Godrej 210 L direct cool single refrigeratorBuy Now
Best Refrigerator under 15000 INR in India

Whirlpool 190 L3 star direct cold single door refrigerator

Whirlpool is the major leading appliance in the world. The refrigerator enjoys the lead for over a century.  The Whirlpool refrigerator has its elegant class and stands out from the rest. It is making your kitchen aesthetic.  It covers most of what other lockers in the market lack—offering a full package on features and technology and price ranges.  Whirlpool refrigerators have several types, and each type acts as a sibling product of the previous. Take the Whirlpool WDE 205 ROY 3S. AND THE WHIRLPOOL 190 L 3 star. They have no much difference and quality being their steadfast dictum.

The whirlpool 190 L3 star has very innovating and unique features. It falls in the under 1500 category and its affordable by any family. The top freezer is compacted with a handlebar which makes it easier to use. It holds a capacity of 190 L (litres) storage, that is a comfortable capacity to accommodate all types of food and drinks. The appliance has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer which automatically handles voltage vacillations.  The inside compartments are glass made, strong to hold any utensil.  One can prepare frozen desserts easily or freeze anything comfortably. It has high-quality cooling functions from the refrigerator. The three-star product has a guaranteed 5-year warranty for the compressor—a one-year warranty for the whole fridge. The lights are perfectly apt, offering good scenery.

Godrej 185L single door refrigerator

Music on the refrigerator is anonymous. However, the Godrej appliance beats the odd and plays music.  The product has an inbuilt music system which plays different music from the FM or the pan drive. Talking of extra features, the refrigerator has a mobile charger slot. One can charge as they do their cooking or activities in the kitchen.  The Godrej refrigerator does a perfect job of cooling and keeping all the items fresh.  It well designed and has an elegant, appealing look on the door.

The grocery deck is spacious and can store more vegetables. The air circulation is sufficient for all items in the fridge.  An inbuilt voltage stabilizer controls and stabilizes the voltage automatically. Operating from 140 V to 260 V. The refrigerator is a perfect fit for the under 15000 INR refrigerators in India. 

LG 190 L4 star direct cool single door refrigerator GL-B201ABPX.ABPZEBN

LG is a famous brand in the world; the company has invested in different products.  Thus gaining popularity for the quality products.  The LG GL-B201ASDX is a single door refrigerator which falls in the 15000 categories. It has unique features which are adequate for any kitchen.  It has a large storage capacity of 190 L and inverter compressor. The fridge requires manual defrosting and comes with a 4star energy efficacy. These ensure enough energy saving for the appliance. The shelves can hold any weight as it’s a toughened glass shelf. Sometimes fridges are producing an irritating, annoying noise. However, the LG GL-B201ASDX has inaudible sound and doesn’t disturb at all.

Haier 195 L single door refrigerator

Decent is the best word for the Haier 195 L refrigerator. It’s very much affordable and seamless. The fridge can fit both small and large families. The appliance has excellent cooling performance and air circulation. The whole fridge is metallic and presents a decent look at the kitchen space. It’s durable and has quality features to last long.  The appliance is a 4-star rating and has an inbuilt stabilizer operating at 135V to 290 V. Amazingly; the fridge uses less than 200 units of electricity. The refrigerator doesn’t require external stabilizer its stable enough to handle the voltage fluctuations.

Unlike other appliance, the Haier 195 L comes with longer condenser coils and also a heavy-duty PUF insulation.  Meaning it can freeze ice in less or about an hour. It spacious, offering fresh and cold air. The lights are well-placed and the shelf appropriate to hold any weight.

Samsung 212 L direct cold single door refrigerator.

Samsung brands are known for their quality appliances. The name sells in every part of the world. The company also has the best refrigerators, which have a different price tag.  The Samsung refrigerator is among the best fridges that go in the 15000 INR categories. Serving all kitchen purpose to the best levels. It’s a single door refrigerator holding a capacity of 212 litres. It can help a family of 3-4 members comfortably. This fridge is spacious and well-designed with an inbuilt stabilizer and a digital inverter compressor. The appliance is rated as a 3-star fridge with a direct cool tech.  The compressor consumes less electricity compared to other refrigerators.

A one-year warranty for the product and 10-year warranty for the compressor. Making it the best fridge to buy knowing you have 10-year security. Many users highly recommend it over the past years. Its prices are pocket friendly, and the decent features appropriate any home or office.

Whirlpool 185 L single door refrigerator

You can never have enough when it comes to the whirlpool. They have different types of refrigerators to suit each user. The prices are friendly, according to the appliance.  The company offers beautiful flowery design on the fridges. The whirlpool 185 L is the latest product from the company and has gained much popularity. Its goes for prices around RS 10000 to 15000 an affordable price for many. The appliance has the best cooling and spacious compartment. Giving good air circulation and keeps all foods and drinks fresh. It comes with an inbuilt stabilizer thus no need of extra stabilizer. The shelves are made of glass and can hold heavy utensils.  Freezing and ice trays are placed on the top chamber while the vegetable section is at the bottom. The moisture circulation is sufficient.  The colours are appealing and can suitable for kitchen or office use.  It has a reasonable weight of 40kg, which is easy to move around. The product is a 3-star rating and has a one-year warranty for the refrigerator and 5-years warranty for the compressor. Shop for this beautiful and affordable appliance without any regrets. Many uses have recommended the fridge over the years.

Godrej 210 L direct cool single refrigerator

the refrigerator industry has famous companies such as Godrej. They have amazing products and fridges, which are of high quality.  The colour and design are the first features which attract one to buying the appliance. However, there is more feature which makes it to stand out.  The Godrej 210 has a capacity of 210 litres and a rating of 3-star.  These shows it has a reliable and excellent power efficiency. The power consumption is generally low. Using around 180-200 units of electricity for a whole year.

The bottom drawer is called dry storage. Here one can pack all the dry foods such as potatoes and onions. All vegetables can go to this shelve as it has enough air. The fridge has an aroma lock which keeps the veggies fresh.  It has an inbuilt stabilizer which can handle all the voltage without external help. The company offers a 10-year warranty for the compressor. Giving peace of mind about compressor security.  It’s well-designed and looks very decent place at the kitchenette. The refrigerator also ranks at the Rs.15000/- in India and can suit the small and medium family.

In conclusion, getting a fridge under 15000 INR is easy. Nonetheless, it can be confusing is you don’t have much information. The above fridges stand out from the crowd. They are the best and hold the best features for your home or office. There are others from the above companies selling at the same or slightly higher. However, here we offered the best choice. One that the customer will live to tell and recommend to other buyers. The warranty years are promising and remove all the anxiety of having to take a fridge for repairs at different companies. The cost varies, but sure it will be under the Rs.15000/-.  The excellent products for all the outstanding Indian citizens.

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