Dragon Oven Helps Fire Up Local Food Movement

Possibly the world’s first mobile dragon oven fires up to inspire the local food movement among Angelenos. The Dragon Oven “Sparky” is the creation of artist Ray Cirino and business partner Camille Cimino who both wanted to create a piece of art that was fully functional and supported the city’s … Read more

Sustainable Agriculture is an Ancient Practice and a Long-term Endeavor

Sustainable practices in agriculture are required for a long and prosperous agricultural system. Since agriculture techniques became integrated with human culture, about 10,000 years ago, agriculture was practiced in a sustainable way; the intent may not have always been to be sustainable as human beings are likely to employ work-reduction … Read more

Using Effective Soil Conservation Methods

Soil Conservation – Using Effective Soil Conservation Methods There are many causes of soil erosion and fortunately, there are many soil conservation methods available to help deal with the issue. Quite naturally over time some soil erosion is expected. Particularly due to the natural changes that occur within nature. Each … Read more

Yeoman’s Plow, an Important Sustainable Tool

Yeoman’s Plow is a type of farm machinery developed by A.P. Yeoman in Australia as a sustainable agricultural tool and enhanced method creating keyline designed farmland. Keyline design relies on the concept of gravity-fed irrigation and is a method that provides long-term water security, conservation of soil through prevention of … Read more

Use Chicken Tractors for Eggs, Fertilizer and Bug Control

If you have thought about raising chickens, but were concerned about how to start and where to store them, stop worrying. The chicken “tractor” is an easy tool to help maximize your ability to protect and move your chickens while simultaneously caring for your garden or property. Caring for chickens … Read more

Why Upcycling is Better than Recycling

The dirty, dusty feel of the dull grey paper in your hands and the less than happy smell is the recycled paper from which you read today’s news. That same paper can be thrown away to decay in a dump or be recycled, where parts of it will be transformed … Read more

Sustainable Packaging: Making A Difference?

Sustainable packaging design is one viable way of providing packaging that is environmentally smart and responsible. Ideally, minimal to no packaging is ideal, but not always practical. So alternatively, choosing carefully choosing packaged products for purchase can make a difference in how we preserve our resources. Sustainable packaging, like the … Read more