What is Fermentation?

Think of some of your favorite foods. Yogurt, bread, sauerkraut, pickles. Drinks? Beer, cider, kombucha. What do they have in common? They’re fermented. Fermentation not only makes food nutritious and tasty, it’s also an ancient form of food preservation, born from time-honored rituals that were practiced long before anyone could … Read more

Why Do Trees Lose Their Leaves?

Piles of leaves are either a chore to clean up or a pleasure to jump into, depending who you are. Each fall, leaves throughout the world turn bright orange, red and yellows displaying the best of fall colors before losing their leaves and scattering the ground with a natural multch. … Read more

Ocean Acidification, Causes and Environmental Influences

What is Ocean Acidification?, What are the Causes and Environmental Influences? Ocean acidification is, simply put, the change of the pH balance of the waters in our oceans. The pH levels of the ocean’s waters drop and this is because the water absorbs what is called anthropogenic carbon dioxide from … Read more

What are Deciduous Trees?

You’ve probably heard the word before, ‘deciduous’ but forgot it’s meaning. The definition of deciduous when it comes to trees is, ‘one that sheds it’s leaves annually’ or ‘tending to fall off’. In contrast to the evergreen, that keeps it’s green needles throughout the year, a deciduous tree goes through … Read more