Canning Pickles is Easy

Pickling is a wide-ranging and widely-practiced form of food preservation. When we pickle whole foods, such as produce like cucumbers, or other garden vegetables, or fish, or meats (like pork), we take the bounty of summer months and save it, extending the availability of those perishable goods into the seasons … Read more

How to Save Water at Home

Water is a precious resource, without it life would cease. People like to see water around them, flowing in a fountain in a yard or hear the waves at the beach. The Romans went to great lengths to direct water into their cities’ centers for the public baths. Yet today, … Read more

Vertical Hydroponics – The Great Space Saver

Hydroponics is defined as “the cultivation of plants by placing the roots in liquid nutrient solutions rather than in soil”. Vertical hydroponics is simply put the vertical distribution of water. It takes up wall space instead of floor space and works much like normal hydroponics. Many people opt for this … Read more

Growing Herbs Indoors: Beginners’ Guide

If you use herbs, either medicinally, or as food, or both, but either don’t have the available space or climate to do so outdoors, growing herbs indoors may be right for you. Indoor gardening allows you to tightly control your growing environment to a degree where you could coax even … Read more

Farming With Horses

How To Farm With Horses In the olden days we relied on the natural resources we had at hand to cultivate agricultural land. Today, many again have turned to these old techniques to save on costs and reduce the carbon footprint cultivation of agricultural land leaves behind. Commonly, horses are … Read more

Water Conservation- Key to Reforestation

For most of my life I thought reforestation was an effort led by tree planting. The concept seemed straightforward; cut trees need to be replaced. Certainly this is how the timber companies do it in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. But what happens if the landscape habitat is … Read more